Do you agree with Chelsea Handler that Instagram's policy on female nudity is unfair?

  • Yes, I agree that this is unfair

    Yes, I agree with Chelsea Handler that Instagram's policy on female nudity is unfair because if a girl wants to show off her stuff it should be allowed. If she is personally going out there wanting to do it then there is nothing wrong. It is only wrong when someone else posts someone elses pictures.

  • Of course it is

    If males can show their chests so can women. Granted I think its stupid to post half naked photos online but its a free country and its not like anyone is allowed to flash their genitals. What is going to happen if the policy becomes fair? Will the Instagramers explode?

  • Goose and Gander

    The policy must be applied equally. Female nudity and male nudity should be treated in the same fashion. Having said that, Chelsea Handler is just looking for attention and promotion since her show is no longer on television, and she is working with Netflix. She does have a point, in that the standard must be applied the same way to both men and women.

  • Her idea is stupid.

    She's angry that she can't post a nude photo. Honestly, calling instagram out for being sexist is wrong. A applaud instagram actually, for keeping viewers abroad safe from her photos. Her struggle is silly. Honestly, instagram sexist? Come on! They're just doing their job and keeping people's eyes away from nudity, there are children on the website. Woman can't pose topless because of the breasts. She obviously knows this and it's probably now for attention.

  • No thank you!

    I use Instagram for sharing things that I cook and pictures with my family and friends. I also use it to find funny pictures or cool ideas. That being said, I think that this policy is rational, but some may see it as unfair. As Stefy said, "If males can show their chests so can women. " However, it is very different between the two genders. One other argument was that it is a free country, which it is. However, Instagram has its own policies and if one would like to post photos in this category then they can always do it elsewhere. No need to spoil a perfectly nice social media program.

  • Chelsea Handler uses Instagram for her career

    Chelsea Handler might have some people fooled that she is upset with the Instagram policy of nudity, but it definitely is a career boosting moment. Every time she screams about the nudity policy she gets headlines. As most people in the entertainment industry will agree, that's more often than when she says something funny. Her ploy is nothing short of showmanship.

  • No, I don't agree with Chelsea Handler about Instagram's nudity policy.

    Chelsea Handler points out a double-standard about nudity on Instagram. The male torso is allowed to be exposed, but the female torso is not because of the breasts. This seems to be beyond the point. Why are vain humans taking pictures of themselves so frequently and exposing themselves to the public? Who cares to see any of these photos in the first place? This is not an important issue, Chelsea Handler.

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