Do you agree with Chelsea Handler trying to change Instagram's censorship of female breasts?

  • Such misogyny cannot be allowed to prevail.

    Why is it that men are so often allowed to show images of their shirtless bodies on social media such as Instagram, but women are so often held at a double standard? This is a product of deep rooted misogyny that even today contaminates our culture with its filth. If society is to progress, we must abandon the discriminatory beliefs that it attempts to push on us. Women should not have to face different regulations for exposure of their bodies than do men, even if some misogynists regard the female body as something sexual. If we are to change society for the better, to forge a society all but free of sexism and discrimination, we must demand the abolition of double standards everywhere, particularly in influential social media. In my opinion, websites such as Instagram should be sued for using such blatantly sexist double standards, and legally forced to abolish them. I believe that a world where racism, sexism, and all other forms of discrimination are all but eliminated from culture, a world where our empathy is not separated by these arbitrary borders that society tries to use to divide us, is very possible, and grows nearer each year. However, it is the responsibility of each one of us to work to forge such a world, even if it means just posting our opinions on this website. If we all be the best we can be, and set a good example for all others, then equality shall eventually triumph over discrimination. The abolition of the double standard between shirtless men and shirtless women is an important stepping stone toward a better society.

  • Of course I agree

    It would be a huge step for women's equality, seeing as they don't censor men's breasts but they censor those of women. It would show that one shouldn't have to be as sexualized as the other and that it should no longer be a huge problem for women to expose them.

    Posted by: Yato
  • Yes, I totally agree with Chelsea Handler's Instagram campaign.

    While Chelsea Handler may not be the first person to point out the hypocrisy of the censorship of female breasts, she is perhaps the best situated to address the issue in a substantive way. Changing the censorship policies of digital media giants such as Instagram and Facebook would be a huge milestone for women's equality, and Handler is a perfect spokesperson for the cause.

  • It's the human body!

    I'm for nudity. I think nudity can be beautiful as an art style. Boobs are boobs. People will always, at least in America, be quick to say that a nipple is sexual. Personally, it's all in context, and as a female, see no purpose in banning part of the female anatomy because some people can't view it as a natural part of the body.

  • Some things should stay under wraps

    Some things should stay under wraps. What is the purpose of seeing everyone's private body parts? Chelsea Handler exposed her bare bottom on social media, and it wasn't a classy move, nor should it be condoned, because under-aged kids, first of all, do get on social media and absorb all of this. People of this age do not know how to handle nudity maturely.

  • Not Her Business

    Personally I think Chelsea Handler is great at her job but honestly she has no business trying to change Instagram. Instagram is not her company and there is no reason they should bend to her desires or anyone else's for that matter. Instagram has a right to do as they please.

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