Do you agree with CNN's decision to fire Octavia Nasr for lamenting the death of "a Hexbollah Giant"?

  • People Should Know Better

    Granted, I think CNN is quick to fire people, but Nasr should of known better. It is never wise to mock or make fun of people, especially when they are dead. There really is no reason to talk ill of the dead. It does not do anything for anyone. Hopefully she will learn from her mistake.

  • Yes, jounalists must remain neutral to maintain their objectivity.

    The debate over Palestine is a polarizing issue. Journalists have a responsibility to remain objective when reporting the news. If their personal beliefs and opinions becomes public knowledge, they will appear biased. A biased journalist can not be trusted to report the truth. The public will lose trust. A news organization can not afford to take that risk. An example was made and a journalist lost her job. Sad... but necessary.

  • Yes, CNN was right to fire Octavia Nasr.

    I think that CNN was in the right to fire Octavia Nasr. When working for an organization like CNN, it is usually no smart to say something controversial that might put the network in a bad light. I think CNN was just trying to protect their network and channel by firing her.

  • Yes, I do agree

    I strongly agree with CNN's decision to fire Octavia Nasr for lamenting the death of "a Hexbollah Giant". I feel as if it was extremely inappropriate, even though it may have been meant as a joke or humor. Sometimes, people go way too far and they have to learn what's acceptable and what isn't.

  • If they disagree

    Everybody has the ability to have their own opinion on matters, but when somebody is a journalist who is supposed to be giving a non-partisan or neutral point of view in a company, they have to face consequences. If the company is against her move, and people aren't happy, she should leave.

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