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  • Critical Race Theory is Heavily Strawmanned

    Critical race theory is simply the examination of law and socioeconomics as they relate to race. It's not some random strawmanned definition PragerU comes up with.

    And I do think there's value in this theory. A lot of societal issues are a result of race-based discrimination. It's much easier to solve certain problems using the lens of race relations.

  • Criticizing racist policy in the US isn't anti-American

    Critical Race theory is defined mostly by criticizing racist policies in the US. Many take this criticism as anti-american but that is simply untrue. James Baldwin, Author and scholar once said "I love America more than any other country in the world and, Exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually. ” Criticism of the US is for the reason to make our country better, And more antiracist. Critical Race Theory encourages us to criticize our past to make our future better. We must learn from our mistakes as a country and acknowledge structural racism that still exists today as a result of those mistakes. There are statistics showing that the racial wealth gap has white households having over ten times more than Black households. We must admit that we have racial inequality problems in America and as a white person myself, I have less obstacles to face only because of the color of my skin. Critical race theory is just an acknowledgement of what exists in America, And ignoring this existence will only make things worse. We must have the strength to face our shortcomings, And try to strive towards racial equality.

  • The biggest boogeyman of Conservative America

    Critical Race Theory has been made out as all sorts of things by Right Wingers, But what even is it? Simply put, It teaches and explains the intersection between the US Government, And Racism, Which is just systemic racism. Systemic racism has existed, And that's just a fact that needs no denying, I still remember when my family couldn't sell houses to black people, Or Jewish people. That's literally only one example, Or like how the state bombed a black neighbourhood, Or planted crack in black neighbourhoods. It isn't the "big scary" thing that conservatives make it out to be, It's beneficial to society so we do not repeat our own mistakes and learn from history.

  • No its fundamentally wrong.

    If you share Martin Luther Kings dream; that people be judged on the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin, Then you do not believe in critial race theory. Where as western culture has been predicated on eliminating esthetic attributes as means of discrimination, Critical race theory is predicated on looking at everything through a racial lense.

  • I hate niggers

    They're inferior. They're dumb. They're violent. They're not equal to the other races. They shouldn't exist. They're stuck on welfare. We don't need them. They are bad. They smell like shit. Look like shit. And that's about all I have to say. Time to drink a beer. Ha ha ha.

  • You can’t fix racism by being racist.

    Teaching people that they are automatically a victim or automatically privileged based solely on their skin color is racist within itself. MLK says to judge people only on the content of their character, And I agree. If Obama’s kid got arrested on drug charges, And a poor white kid in a trailer park got arrested for the same charge, Who do you think would be in better shape? Wealth privilege, Ultimately, Will always be the deciding factor.

  • Good on paper bad on practice

    I am speaking as a man attending college right now and all the professors i have interacted with are leftist. Not that there is anything wrong with being leftist but they really like pushing politics on my peers despite the class having nothing to do with politics. I will specifically focus on one of them which was a white professor in a psychology class. She claims that CRT is good and that conservatives are wrong for thinking that CRT makes white kids hate their race but what she fails to realize is that she is the perfect example of why CRT is bad.

    Everytime a picture was up in the board that showed an all white cast she always made remarks about them being all white and that was bad. She would make comments on how all the books we were reading were written by white men or how the idea of IQ is a western concept. There is just frank too much to go over and those in favor for it are either not white or blind liberals.

  • It's Racism, Plain and Simple.

    Critical Race Theory is an ideology based on self destruction. It teaches whites to hate themselves and other races to hate whites as well. It is anti American, Anti family, Anti Christian and seeks to destroy everything good and wholesome and replace it with warped sickness. These college students who follow this don't understand the logical conclusion of the theory, Where their homeland is destroyed and they are persecuted racially.

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