Do you agree with George Carlin, that some people are really stupid?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Man, I can't even begin to tell you how stupid some people really are

    I was talking about Denmark's involvement in WWI. As you know they fought against Germany for a bogus reason. Their involvement in the Allies was not big as England, but they had different reasons. England didn't originally want to fight Germany. Denmark had a long wish to redeem thsemvles for being humiliated to Germany after losing a war to them in the 1864, and losing one of "their" (which was really German, before Denmark, and Charles I of England thought it was fine to colonize and oppress the Germans). Anyways Denmark fought for the Allies in a minor role. So this dumb person says that it didn't. Like WTF? Lol. Did this person pass the first grade. How stupid can people be? LMAO. It seems this person didn't get educated.

  • Including Carlin himself...

    ... Who had some pretty stupid lines, both in his stand up and his books. And I'm stupid enough to have bought and read them ;-)

    I'm sympathetic to those who voted "no" on the basis that all humans deserve support instead of being treated as stupid. I fully agree with you, and I would gladly slap anyone who makes fun of a developmentally challenged person. But I'm willing to admit that a large percentage of the human population that calls themselves "normal" can and does behave in ways that are hard to justify -well, what we call being stupid.

  • Yes. Just look at traffic

    1. There is no such thing as a "warm up" in exercise or sport or dance.
    You KNOW what a fever is.
    You ARE ABLE to KNOW that you are ~ 98.6
    and you didn't need my help climbing out of that stupid pit-of-thought.

    2. There are NO muscles in your "core".

    There are organs and food and it isn't a secret and you DIDn't
    need my help with that either.


  • There are stupid questions, made by stupid people

    In the words of my high school English teacher: "Some people say there are no stupid questions. There are. Likewise, there are stupid people". Some people are going to be smarter than others, be it academically or common sense-wise. Sadly for idealists everywhere, there are idiots out there, and there always will be.

  • On this site? Definitely.

    George Carlin was at times a linguistic genius. He took words to have meanings, and questions to be required to have all info needed for adjudication to be contained within the question. Many people on this site assume way to much from their own bias into a question and then answer another question entirely. A question like "what is better foreign car or domestic?" without setting forth a framework for translation of a qualitative value cannot be seriously answered. Yet many people on this site defended their view in a manner befitting a Chauvinist.

    Anyway a quick answer would be about 17 percent of the population could be considered stupid meaning two Std Dev below the mean. People on this site might exceed this number.

  • There are no stupid people.

    I don't believe there are stupid people. I believe everyone has different tools for thinking with and some of those tools may be insufficient in many areas, but I don't think there are stupid people.

    I once knew a teacher that had had difficulty with a student and claimed 'there was no getting through to the boy, he's just too stupid'. The boy had had a slight criminal background so I asked both teacher and student. 'How would you break into that third story apartment?' The teacher answered 'I don't know'. The student answered 'I see the brickwork is very rough. I'd make wedges and slit them between the brickwork and work my way up the wall and get in through the window, then let myself out through the front door'.

    I asked them again. 'How would you rob that jewellery shop across the road?' The teacher replied. 'I don't know,'. The boy replied. 'I'd get a bag of poop and set fire to it and put it on his doorstep. When the owner comes out to deal with it i'd slip in behind him an do the old smash and grab'.

    So this was my first indication that there are no stupid people, just people who have different, or insufficient tools, for thinking about different things than you do. Everyone can learn things if they have an actual reason to learn that thing and it is relevant to their perceived needs as a human being.

    So in this way, George Carlin was not correct.

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