Do you agree with hacker group Anonymous attacking the Charlie Hebdo jihadist websites?

  • Yes, I support Anonymous

    The hacker group Anonymous is a complex organization to try and come to terms with in ethical and political terms. On one hand, the group sometimes engages in clearly illegal activity against ambiguous targets, such as corporations who's "wrong-doings" are not always clear-cut. On the other hand, the Charlie Hebdo jihadist group is a clear cut example of a deserving target.

  • Yes, free speech should be protected just as zealously.

    In an era where we are seeing pressure on the press regarding freedom of speech we need to support the free press in this endeavor. Even governments are guilty of trying to restrict the media on many occasions with restrictive laws that were passed as national security measures that are being used to restrict the media.

  • Anonymous should be targeting the jihadist groups that attacked Charlie Hebdo.

    Anonymous, long denounced, has proven to be a great ally in the fight against injustice, terror and fear. Having Anonymous use their vast skills and resources to go after jihadist websites and groups that targeted and attacked Charlie Hebdo tells them the world is united against such acts of tyranny and horror.

  • Anonymous is NOT supporting Vengeance

    After the death of Charlie Hebdo,hacking his website is NOT the solution for Vengeance and revenge for those ISIS members.Anonymous thinks that "taking down a website or hacking is going to bring back someone from the dead"and show the world that "We are Anonymous and fear our presence will ever work".

  • No I do not agree.

    No. I do not agree with the Hacker group attaching the Charlie Hebdo jihadist websites. I don't agree with the websites but Hackers shouldn't be held above the law because they don't agree with the content of a website. Hackers arn't allowed to be vigilanties and we should leave it to the government to shut sites like that down.

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