Do you agree with "If you have nothing to fear you have nothing to hide?"

Asked by: jamccartney
  • I agree with the statement.

    Why should it bother you that the government is watching you if you have nothing to fear from it? If I was part of the NSA and was watching a certain citizen, I would get suspicious if they said they did not want the NSA watching them. I would ask myself, "Why don't they want me to watch them?" You see, I think that the government should be able to watch the citizens so the country as well as the world can be a safer place, leaving the innocent people with nothing to fear.

  • Yes if we actually did have nothing to fear

    I will agree that you shouldn't be scared to hide anything if you have nothing to fear however i believe we all have something to hide. Whether it be a secret that your friend told you or a decision you regret doing a long time ago, it does not matter all humans do have something to hide.

  • The elite has a lot to hide but they dont need to fear anything at all.

    Who wrote this question? The relevant question is Do you agree with: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.... I would not agree with that either. Because since the governments are run by the devil , banksters and corrupt politicians rather than Jesus or democracy or high morals.. Why should we not fear the power when they can destroys us even when were not doing anything wrong ?

  • Nothing to fear... Except being watched

    No, I have nothing to fear. I'm not planning an attack or a murder spree. But I don't want anybody watching or listening to my personal life- I'm not a terrorist but there are things I would prefer to stay private. Just because you have nothing to fear doesn't mean you don't need any privacy.

  • that is a stupid saying

    I fear God, does that mean I have something to hide? No it does not. Albeit that there are mistakes that I have made that would not use as a conversation starter at a party but that does not qualify because everyone has made a mistake or two in their life so it is neither here nor there and should be not considered 'hiding'.

  • Who decides what you need to hide?

    When government says you have nothing to fear if you've done nothing wrong, the ridiculously big problem with this, which should be immediately apparent to anyone, is that it is the government, not you, who decides when you've done something wrong. As it stands now, the legal code in the united states, and most countries, is so convoluted that very few people are aware of everything that is illegal right now, so the odds are very good that even if you can't think of anything you've done that's illegal, you probably have done something at some point without even realizing it or thinking about it. A friend may have shared a copyrighted song with you (piracy is a very serious crime) or maybe that one time you smoked pot, just to try it, and then texted your best friend and said you can't believe you did that. But that's only the beginning of the problem. The main problem is that once they start collecting data, it stays there, forever. They can always go back to it. And the reason that's scary is that no matter who gets elected (remember, Hitler was elected by people who really trusted him) or appointed to some powerful position, no matter how the laws are changed, no matter who is in control of the government, they will have the power to go through that data if they choose and find out who their enemies are. And how far they want to go in persecuting their enemies is entirely up to them. Maybe you won't be an enemy, but what about your mom or your cousin, or your children, or your husband or your friends? One thing is absolutely certain: History has shown repeatedly that ANY government can change, can become totalitarian, and totalitarian governments do not care much about what anyone they label an enemy has to say, or whether they live or die.

    Only a complete fool believes ANY government is consistently accountable and responsible and benevolent. And if a government isn't all of those things, you would have to be an even bigger fool to trust it.

  • Surveillance has been exploited for political purposes in the past

    They always say they are only using it for security and it always always turns out to be a big fat lie. The FBI used its spying powers against various student and anti-war groups during the 60s and 70s and not just spying but sabotage as well against law-abiding non-violent protest groups. The FBI even threatened MLK with information about his love affair.

    Me personally I'm just a run of the mill person, but that the government could be unfairly distorting the political scene by using this is just wrong.

    At the very least there should be an independent group that gets to surveillance the people doing the surveillance if necessary years later for national security purposes but at some reasonable point in time, and if it turns out any of it was used for political purposes or any purpose other than national security the people involved no matter how much they say "I was just following orders" should go to prison for the rest of life, no parole, end of story.

  • Nothing to fear?

    This is only a hypothetical question because everyone has something to hide. It may not seem wrong to you, but to the bureaucratic mess of government it most certainly is. There are so many laws on the books that nobody even knows when they are breaking laws here and there, and now you want to give the government power to selectively prosecute people? Not to mention the utter ineffectiveness of these programs in achieving their goals.

  • None of your

    F****** Business! It has nothing to do with you. Who do you think you are and what moral justification do you have to look at MY stuff? If .Gov has nothing to hide, why don't THEY let us look at all their stuff that they keep secret and lie to us about?

  • Absolutely positively not!

    It does not matte if you are completely ignorant obedient liberal democrat. There is no reason the government should be barging in on our personal lives. Have we forgotten the constitution and the rights we have? We are just giving them away like pieces of trash in a garbage! One day we will wake up to find no rights, no home, no food, and no clothes on our back, and yell Hey! At the government and ask why this happened and find ourselves to realize that we have no one to blame but ourselves. Remember, everything that Hitler did in Nazi Germany was LEGAL. Don't let the same thing happen to us!

  • Most certainly not.

    I do not agree with this phrase for multiple reasons, one being that fear and having something to hide are not exactly connected. There are people on this Earth that do not feel fear. This is uncommon and somewhat unhuman, but it is truth. When you do not feel fear, it does not mean you have nothing to hide. Now, this phrase is VERY OFTEN true, but in the case I have presented, it is not.

  • This is a huge infringement on personal liberties and even further, human rights as a whole.

    Just because the government says they are only watching for "suspicious" activities, does not mean they actually are. This statement would be valid if this was a world where our corrupt government did not lie to us and promote propaganda to us through the media. I have thousands of examples of the government lying to the people and yet you would love to turn over your personal freedoms. Our generation has not awaken yet, it has not smelled the rancid odor of the corruption reeking from Washington D.C. This is the same logic that is used to enforce police states and spy-agency supremacy. Edward Snowden was a hero yet the media portrayed him as a filthy traitor. The NSA must no longer encroach freedom in the name of "anti-terror."

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