Do you agree with India's new tougher laws for juveniles who commit rape, murder and other violent crimes?

  • Adult crimes deserve adult punishment

    Many juvenile criminals commit violent crimes knowing their punishment if caught will be lenient. It is time for India and other countries to implement a system where the punishment fits the crime. Perhaps then, these violent kids will rethink their actions the next time they decide that rape, murder or violent robbery is a good idea.

  • Yes I do

    I think everyone deserves a second chance and path to a second chance, but I think tougher laws for people who commit rape, murder, or other violent crimes are a good thing. I don't think it should matter if the person committing the crime is a juvenile or an adult.

  • Violent crimes need punishment.

    If a crime is violent than the punishment should fit the crime. Juveniles should be responsible for the crimes they commit as well; even if that means a serious infraction results in a serious punishment. Either that, or hold the parents accountable for the actions of their children. There can be no third option.

  • The tougher the better

    It was so terrible to hear what happened to the ladies who were raped and dared not to report to the police in India. This makes India one of the scariest places to go alone if you are a female. Therefore, to better protect women at all ages, it is totally necessary for the Indian government to impose new and tougher laws to protect the general public, especially, the ladies.

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