Do you agree with Jennifer Lawrence on her thoughts that a Trump presidency would be the ‘end of the world'?

  • Yes it would!!

    How is it possible for a human being to have so much hatred towards immigrants, and want to separate there family.... All this man is causing is hate, do we really want this little kid as our president..This man have issues and will certainly not become president! I can assure you that! Vete a la chingada Trompas !

  • Yes, Donald Trump as a president is unbelievable for Jennifer Lawrence.

    Jennifer Lawrence confidently believes that Donald Trump shouldn't be even standing for president. According to her, Donald Trumps statements are not politically acceptable. For her, this whole scene is an entertainment for the world. She thinks it could not be real. She has so many other supporters who agree with her.

  • It would be the end of the world as we know it.

    It would truly mean that people are no longer what we used to be. If we are willing to elect someone that opening professes beliefs based around hatred, it would signify that things are profoundly different then they used to be. It would truly be the end of the world, as we knew it.

  • Yes, there have been several allegations of fraud against Donald Trump.

    As a presidential candidate, Trump has been accused on multiple occasions of corruption and pursuit of personal interests. His business interests tend to follow a hidden agenda and is impulsive in terms of financial behaviour. He also supported racist views and used ad hominem against Obama claiming he was not a U.S. citizen and a Muslim.

  • She's not qualified.

    To be honest, I didn't even bother reading what she said, just as I wouldn't bother reading Bret Farve's opinion on world trade, or Taylor Swift's opinion on medical research. No idea why people listen to famous people from the entertainment field about other topics just because they are famous.

  • No, one person alone can not 'end the world'.

    The United States government was set up with a system of checks and balances. This ensures that no one branch of government can become too powerful. Congress can vote to override presidential vetoes, approve the appointment of judges and even remove a president through impeachment. It would be difficult for any president, even a man as rich as Donald Trump, to 'end the world' given the balance of power as written in the Constitution.

  • No other candidates are more apocalyptic

    Almost every other republican candidate want world war three by bombing Iran Trump doesn't want that but he will destroy America he will damage foreign relations and race relations and eventually cause issues he will stop being the international policeman and prevent American intervention overseas to some degree which will cause peace and stability around the world but America's populace will undergo sever hardships especially minorities but America will probably be able to recover

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