• Yes, the rollout has been managed badly

    Jon Stewart is a huge fan of President Obama. Nevertheless,
    Stewart thinks the rollout of the new health program was botched, and the
    program itself has to prove it can work. Mr. Stewart is completely in agreement
    with the idea of providing fair healthcare to all Americans. What he disagrees with
    is the sloppy and inefficient way the program has begun. I agree.

  • He is right.

    The main issues that Jon Stewart has with Obamacare is that he would rather that it would be a single payer system, but otherwise he seems okay with the policies, which I agree with. He also thinks that the website malfunction was ridiculous. I think a lot of people feel that way.

  • Yes I do.

    I agree with Jon Stewart's beliefs on Obamacare. We should not have to suddenly switch plans or try and support one that does not work for everyone. This healthcare system is going to cause even more poverty for people and make it even harder for those of us who are already struggling.

  • A good program

    No I do not agree with his beliefs. On paper, and what the president saw to make his decision to pass this medical program, this program looks good, and the methods that it is using shows that this should be a good program, and help out a lot of poor people.

  • A Comedy Show

    I find it difficult to find direct information on Jon Stewart's beliefs on Obamacare. Jon Stewart is the host of a show on Comedy Central that often makes fun of the news, sometimes pointing out faults with other reporters or ironic twists in actual world news. Without knowing his personal beliefs about the bill it's difficult to say if I agree with him.

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