• Independents Decide Every Election

    I don't know if Karl Rove claimed that independents would decide the 2014 elections or not but if he did I have to agree. That is because independents decide every election. There are simply not enough people registered in either of the two major parties to be a plurality without additional votes. The winning party must appeal to unenrolled voters in order to be successful.

  • Independents will determine the overall 2014 Elections

    The recent roll-out of the healthcare law and its overall impact on large populations in the U.S. (even with parts scaled back by the administration) should be sufficient incentive for independents to seek a new majority in the Senate to try to set the different arms of government into balance.

  • Yes,I agree that independents will decide the 2014 election.

    I definitely agree with Karl Rove when he says that independents will decide the 2014 elections.People are tired of all of the bickering going on in Washington and have decided that the best way to go is the independent route.This strategy consists of electing independent candidates that will actually look out for voters interests.

  • Independents always make the final decision.

    In any election, you have approximately 40 percent who will vote Republican no matter what and another 40 percent who will vote Democrat no matter what. The other 20 percent of voters are the ones who will determine the outcome of the election. Regardless of who runs for office, the independents or swing voters are the one who are going to make the final decision.

  • They never have

    No I do not think that only independants will decide who the winners are of the elections that go on this year. There are always more republicans or democrats in an area that decide who wins an area through the majority vote, and few places rely on the votes of independants.

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