• yes and no

    I am in between on this one. I am not about going to war again with another country. We have enough problems of our own here in this country. I feel if we go to war it is going to just make things are harder on us in a way. Our men and women are tired and fatigued from all of this fighting.

  • I agree with Madeleine Albright's views on Obama

    I agree with Madeleine Albright's views on Obama and what she had to say. As a former Secretary of the State who served under Clinton, she strongly favored Obama and said she favored military aid to Syria. In general, I think she strongly favors Obama on many issues and strongly agrees with his views concerning the welfare of everyone in this world.

  • Yes, I think she outspoken and right

    I think her view on the Bush office are right on,but she has always been outspoken. She backed Obama in the least election,but has been pushed in strange directions with respects to Syria. I think she will have to quit soon,she's all over the place,but is entitled to her opinion.

  • Obama has hurt us, not Bush.

    No, I do not agree with Madeline Albright's view on Obama, because she is incorrect when she says that Bush damaged our reputation abroad, but that Obama has repaired it. Obama will always be knows as the president who lost Egypt. The Muslim nations do not respect Obama, they walk all over him.

  • Her view is wrong

    This question is one that many people have been asking for a very long time because the subject matter is not one that is easily answered. There is a large group of people that believe the answer is simple and a quick resolution can be had. But that is not the case in this situation. Her view is wrong.

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