Do you agree with me that some people deserve to die?

Asked by: CoolDudeBroMeat
  • Yes, but only under extreme circumstances

    Everyone deserves a second chance, even if they mess up really badly. But, if they are never sorry for something that is extremely inhumane, then they aren't real humans. They are people who believe that they can get whatever they want no matter who they hurt. Those types deserve to die.

  • There are times in my life where i wonder this

    Look ima be honest with you here,there are people in life that i would probably get a giant grin on my face if they died.Its usually the people that are extremely terrible to me and others,i feel wrong admitting it but yeah,also people who think its right to go around killing people and they have nothing wrong with their minds(arent insane mentally prior to killing)

  • Natural Born and Death

    If there is born, there would be a death.
    Without born, there wouldn't be a death.
    So, if you don't want to die, don't born.
    Every people deserve to die because it's natural.

    Deserve to die in this case is not the way of thinking that they have done bad thing.
    Whether they do good or bad, they will died somehow, but how they died would be different.

  • Freaks, paedophiles, rapists, women abusers

    I believe freaks deserve to die, they end up becoming the following: paedophiles, rapists, women abusers, murderers. I believe society needs to rid these freaks so they don't cause any harm. I have encountered people who have hit women right in my eyes, it's a horrible thing. Could go on.

  • Gandalf Is a Wise Man

    And I would like to bring up something he says to Frodo in 'The Fellowship of the Ring', when Frodo claims Sméagol deserved to die. It goes along these lines (this is no exact quote, but you will get the point): "Many who live deserve to die. And many who die deserve to live. Can you give life to those who die unjustly? Then do not be so quick to presume to give death to those who live unjustly." There cannot be any crime that justifies killing someone for it, and killing the criminal does not undo the crime. You would not be setting anything to rights, just making things worse.

  • Death penalty makes you a murderer as well

    If you sentence someone to death and carry that out you automatically become a murderer which means you deserve death as well. So basically you`d have to kill everyone eventually. Also i think living with what you have done is a worse punishment than being released from your guilt by death. BAM

  • You have a good point

    But i really disagree with you on that yes deep down I have the same feelings about all of those freaks out there but i believe no one deserves to die and if they do let God take care of that. Yes rapist women abusers,and murderers need to be punished somehow but lets just leave it to carma.

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