Do you agree with Michael Gove when he says we should have longer school days and shortened holidays?

Asked by: getscared
  • Long school holidays should be given.

    Student are having stressful life and busy studying with their homework.Hence,they did not enjoy their life.It is true that academic are important nowadays.But short holiday will effect our academic result,as student have not enough time to revise their assignment and busy rushing their school work without understanding the homework their have done.
    Long holidays will allow student improve their academic result without stress and rushing their school syllabus.

  • Not a chance.

    Longer school days and more days in a school year is not the answer. Waldorf type school for all public schools is the answer. On top of that, summer vacations should not be 11 weeks long. They should be 5 weeks long and winter breaks should be 5 weeks long too along with a two week break on the midpoint of each semester. That's how children will succeed the best.

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