Do you agree with or support the "King James Only" movement?

Asked by: Matt_L
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  • It's plain stupid

    I despise the KJV Only movement. What makes them think the KJV is so perfect? It is just as fallible as any other English translation. Do these KJV Onlyists not know that the Bible was not originally written in English? It was written in several languages including Hebrew and Greek. The people who wrote the KJV were just trying their best to translate it accurately. If you want to read an infallible Bible, read it it's original languages. Then we can talk.

  • The KJV isn't perfect.

    Don't get me wrong, it is an excellent translation, but like all the bible translations they tend to have a few errors in translation or in grammar and none of them are perfect. I do use the King James Version in my studies, but it is not the only one I use.

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