Do you agree with President Obama's vision for the future?

  • Yes

    I do agree with President Obama's vision for the future. From the viewpoint of a young adult currently in college and worrying about my future, I think President Obama has great ideas and is my best chance at actually having a real shot at success. The country is not currently in a good place and hasn't been for a very long time, but President Obama seems to genuinely be trying to achieve something better and wants opportunity and equality for everyone, which I highly respect. His view of a world where people of any gender, race, and sexual orientation are equal is the type of world I hope to live in one day, and his hopes for equal chances for all people in the US to be successful and for people to be able to attend college is, I believe, an ideal vision and the way this country which has long been viewed as the land of equality, freedom, and opportunity, should be.

  • Yes, I think he has some great ideas

    I think that President Obama's vision for the future is a great one. He spoke of equality for everyone, care for all, and the ability to bring our economy up to where it should be. How in the world could anyone disagree with that? Do we want to say that inequality and lack of care is the way of the future?

  • NO

    I genuinely do think that the President wants what is best for our country, and I genuinely do think that he is a good man who is simply trying to do what he thinks is right.

    The problem that I have with it is that I think he is wrong. I think that he is too idealistic and is ignoring certain harsh realities of the way our society runs and the way our people live.

  • No, not at all.

    Since I am but a mere Republican, I cannot help but scorn at whatever sweeping policy changes that man proposes. His inbred faction of far left, cultural Marxists will one day be defeated, but that is little consolable today. Today, we can only sigh softly and buy cheap whiskey to numb the pain.

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