Do you agree with Rick Perry that income inequality isn't a problem in Texas?

  • Income Equality isn't a Problem- At All

    Income equality is not a problem, provided that the worst-off citizens are better off during inequality than they are during equality. During the Great Depression, this was not the case. In Texas? I'd say it is. I'd say illegal immigrants might be worse off than they would be, but they chose to come here anyway.

    That being said, Rick Perry is a moron. A broken clock is right twice a day, after all.

  • Income inequality is a joke!

    I wholeheartedly support Rick Perry's views that income inequality isn't a problem in Texas. In fact I do not see it as a problem anywhere. Income inequality is a choice and the sooner the world realizes this the better. Texas and Rick Perry are not alone in this one. Opportunities are there for everyone, whining about it is not the solution.

  • Yes, I agree that income inequality is not an issue in Texas.

    I do not believe income inequality is an issue in Texas at all. I do not agree with the term "income inequality." In Texas, there are opportunities for people of all backgrounds and upbringings to achieve success. Income level is a matter of work ethic and dedication. In Texas, there are workforce programs, financial assistance and employment opportunities throughout the state.

  • No, Rick Perry is merely displaying his own class bias.

    Any time a member of the wealthy, ruling class claims authority to speak on the subject of income inequality and the situation of the lower classes, alarm bells should be going off. Sure, as governor Rick Perry may be privy to a large amount of economic data and advisers on the economic condition of the state, but that does not mean he truly knows and understands the position of the worst off in his state. That he would pretend to be able to speak for them is extremely insulting.

  • No, Rick Perry is wrong about income inequality.

    Rick Perry is a moron. Income inequality is worse than it was in JP Morgan and Rockefeller's time. Rick Perry must not get around Texas too much if he doesn't see the disparity between the rich and the poor. He's either too insulated in his bubble of power and wealth, or he is flat out lying, or he is a complete moron.

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