Do you agree with Secondary Languages being a requirement?

Asked by: Riah
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  • I don't think schools are fair in what they offer

    Not to mention the requirements are idiotic because they don't bother asking if the student has ever lived in a non English speaking county and is capable of speaking in said language.

    I grew up in Italy and the US, yet I was forced to take Spanish because it was required and it was all my school offered. Well Spanish and Italian are very similar and 10 years later I still get my words mixed up because of it and its very embarrassing when you are trying to have a meaningful conversation. Had it been offered I would have gladly taken Italian or even Korean

    Since there is no diversity in choice, how does it even benefit the student? Yes they might learn the language but of what use will it be to them? Do they live in an area with high immigration of ________ speaking individuals? Do they have family that speaks the language? Are they Military Brats that have traveled to a _______ speaking country?

    Posted by: Riah

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fawny says2014-05-22T01:11:36.910
It would be nice if they taught other classes properly first.