• I believe in Classical Liberal beliefs (now called conservative).

    The role of government is simple: Protect its people's freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Aside from that, the ideal role of government is limited, mainly allowing the people to shape the society as a whole. The constitution as a whole was written as a sort of rule book that lists all the powers of government, practically saying what government can and cannot do. These are the fundamental beliefs of Classical liberalism, and thus is the best outline for how a society should ideally be run.

    So I would consider myself a liberal, but not the leftists which the term is now wrongly used to describe.

  • Yes I believe in social liberalism

    The purpose of government, laws and social norms should be to stop abusive behavior from reducing the well being of the citizenry. Harm is the only justification for controlling the behavior of others. Allowing economic activity to produce a small group of individuals who control much more wealth than is necessary for their well being while masses of people go without adequate food, education, health care, shelter, security is harmful.

  • Socially liberal beleifs are what america should live by.

    America was not founded upon conservatism. The very nature of our founding was liberalism, both socially and politically. With the advent of the internet, liberalism has spread even farther than it ever would, largely to our social structure.

    School, healthcare, and interaction in general should be liberal. It makes everyone more open, and willing to experience.

  • I agree with socially liberal beliefs.

    Socially liberal beliefs such as a desire for socialized health care have been shown to work in other countries, for decades in some cases. Socially liberal beliefs are usually more tolerant beliefs, accepting a wider range of diversity. Those holding socially liberal beliefs were generally in favor of the Civil Rights Movement. Today, people with socially liberal beliefs are generally in favor of rights for homosexuals.

  • The more liberal the more comfort and democracy.

    Yes I do. Because the more liberal beliefs across the society, the more democratic ideas around. This can create job, freedom, better economy, better political infrastructures, and better education system. Because all of them will outgrow by the concept of democracy and democratic belief will lead a society to be improved toward betterness.

  • Yes, I am a social liberal.

    With regard to economics and finance, I am probably a little bit less liberal, but with regard to social aspects, I am a liberal who believes that many different races, religions, and life styles need to be affirmed in this country. There is no one standard, other than that of non violence, to which we all need to be held.

  • Yes I agree with socially liberal beliefs.

    Yes I do agree with and support socially liberal beliefs. As a country the United States has to take care of its citizens. Medical care for everyone should be a right, not a luxury. The idea that any citizen of the richest country on the planet die for lack of access to medical care is unfathomable.

  • Social liberalism is the road to despotism

    Demagogues and authoritarians since antiquity have used this very tactic to wage war against the society and the individual citizen, by using the poor and destitute as fanatical revolutionaries bent on revenge against the owners of property and Wealth, which undermines the rule of law inevitably leads to statst tyranny

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