• Its a no brainer.

    The idea that nations come together in ever closer unity is social evolution on a planetary scale. The Union is but a step of that process. If we as a species are together at the table discussing our differences peace will reign unlike in the past where divided nations collided catastrophically. This is not an easy road to travel yet the destination is worth the effort.
    Hawking may only be talking about investment in science being greater under the cooperation of the EU and that alone is worthy of my agreement.

  • Britain should remain in the EU instead of withdrawing.

    I agree with Stephen Hawking that Britain should stay in the EU (European Union) because it would be devastating for their social and economic structure, and would have negative effects for them in other fundamental areas, such as Science, which is Dr. Hawking's main concern. I believe that being in the EU provide Britain with alot of signifcant advantages that they will not want to lose.

  • Small Changes Bring Big Waves

    Britain is one of the largest countries in the EU. As one of the strongest link, if it pulls out, it says a lot about the EU to other countries and could lead to other larger countries and even smaller countries to pull out as well. If Britain does leave the EU, its leaders should consider all consequences to both sides for all parties involved.

  • Britain Should Stay in the EU

    As part of the block of countries in Europe, Britain should remain a part of the EU. Britain takes advantage of the trade and tax benefits, as well as being a hub for travelers going to the EU. From a monetary standpoint, it would be unfair for them to take the financial advantages without being included in the responsibilities.

  • The EU is failing and undemocractic

    No-one should be pushed into accepting a bad deal, the UK trades with Ireland a lot which biases the 'EU Trade' figures but they already have a common travel area agreement and there's no way Germany will give the UK a bad trade deal afterwards without hurting themselves far more than the UK.
    This is a push for a very undemocratic superstate and in your face hypocrisy with the likes of Turkey about to join. There's no way in hell the US would put up with this so I fail to see why Brits should.
    Europeans themselves are very unhappy with the situation, let alone the UK.
    This is about far far far more than just trade and financial issues.
    The UK would cope just fine with improved trade deals with China, Norway, Iceland, Canada,Switzerland and even Ireland next door via the CTA agreement. It's not the UK that stands to suffer, if the UK leaves then the German public will probably revolt.
    Remember it COSTS the UK to stay in the EU, the free riders here are Eastern EU states, Greece, Italy etc.
    Lastly the cultural and language differences are too great for this to work, this perhaps applies most of all to the UK as they have always been against 'ever closer union' despite this plan being pushed forward right now and despite making a supposed 'promise' about the UK having some kind of 'exception'.

  • We are out

    Whatever people thought we are now out of the EU, and if you ask me it is for the greater good in the long run, there is no point staying in a proven and failing system where many of it's other country members have already been reduced to severe austerity.

  • The E.U expects to much from the U.K

    Britain has little to gain form remaining in an organization that's not even united on major issues, like immigration, terrorism and security. The U.K isn't all that united so I feel that they should worry about their own problem before they try to fix the rest of the world.

    Brexit has its up and downs, but it would raise National pride and make British citizens proud to be on its own feet instead of depending on a unstable alliance.

  • We should go for Brexit

    Stephen Hawking, like many famous scientists, is extremely knowledgeable in one specific area - in this case, theoretical physics and space. But as is the case with most scientists, there is no reason to assume that Hawking knows much about politics or economics.

    Even though Brexit might disadvantage science in Britain in the short term, Hawking ignores the fact that alternative replacement system of skills exchange would eventually pop up after Britain left the EU. Supply and demand - there is no "disaster" to worry about if you look at the big picture.

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