Do you agree with tech policy activists when they state Bernie Sanders is the best choice for president?

  • They Are Correct

    I do agree. Bernie Sanders would be beneficial to all sectors of our economy, technology included. With more funding going towards more important things than we currently have going on, the population would be able to thrive in a more supportive and inclusive government for all involved and living in the United States.

  • Sanders is definitely a good candidate

    In this cycle, Sanders seems to be the best choice for President. I think as more groups analyze the choices in an impartial way, they will come to the same conclusion as the tech policy activists. There is still a long way to go till election day, so anything can still happen. At the moment though, Sanders seems to be the best bet.

  • Stop Sanders Now

    Bernie Sanders is not the best choice for president. In fact, he is probably the worst choice for president. The United States was founded on the principles of capitalism. Having a socialist president would mean that the most hardworking, innovative Americans would be forced to support those with less vision and drive, which would be a crime to humanity.

  • I'm not sure

    I think Bernie Sanders would do a fine job, but because of how divided our country is, I'm not sure how much he can realistically accomplish. He makes exciting and interesting promises reminiscent of FDR, but I just don't know if the country will elect a Congress that will let him fulfill his promises.

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