Do you agree with the Aaron Hernandez ruling, that he murdered Odin Lloyd?

  • I agree with the ruling.

    I believe the jury came to the right decision. Hernandez killed Odin Lloyd and the prosecution was able to prove it. They had the evidence to show that the right man was on trial and secure a verdict. He was convicted by a jury of his peers and I believe the system works.

  • Justice system does it job.

    My opinion is that as long as the judicial system gave Aaron Hernandez a fair trial and took a look at all the evidence very carefully, then yes the ruling is sound with me. Approaching this kind of thing with a side can be tricky, and in my opinion should only be done once all the evidence has been seen.

  • he is guilty

    Its sad to see such a talent wasted on such a horrible person but you could tell from the beginning his defense team knew that they had nothing to work with to prove his innocence. The only thing that he has going for him is they haven't found the actual gun, but this dude is done for.

  • Without being there, I cannot throw my hat in the ring convicting someone of a crime.

    Too often, the public takes a side when determining someone's guilt or innocence when they have little actual knowledge of events that occurred. Aaron Hernandez was shown to be hot-headed and have problems with discipline, but it is up to the courts and not me to decide if he is guilty of the crimes he has been accused of.

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