• BLM or if not you are racist.

    Isuport it because it is a fight of a huge minory with has suffered a lot and they just want to be the same as everyone as we are all humans. Also it is a fight between police with are corrupt and illegal with the only thing they do is to abuse of the power they have with everyone.

  • Only the stupid could disagree

    I won't bother pointing out the obvious flaws in the "statistics" of the other side of the argument. Makassar already did that (seeing a coherent argument on this site was a nice change of pace). However it seems necessary to point out that every flaw pointed out was literally right in front of their face. They clearly aren't reading the articles where they found these statistics. They're not even looking at the entire chart as both the articles and the charts point out everything Makassar said. When you have to blatantly manipulate statistics to support your argument, You are wrong.

    The only way the other side of the argument has any leg to stand on is if there is no police bias against black people. Yet there are roughly 6 black men in prison for every white man. We're the majority out here but a minority in prison. Anyone who honestly believes that black people commit 6x more crimes than white people is an ignorant racist. Because every study ever done on the matter, Including nazi Germany, Came to the conclusion that all races are breaking the law at more or less the same rate. Speaking of nazi's, They are still a thing in Germany and even they are looking down at us for our racism.

    Finally if you have to continuously say "I am not a racist" then you absolutely are a racist and you're part of the problem. Because you're using that phrase to defend racist statements and you use it over and over and over again. Do you really think no one can see through that? People who aren't racist literally never have to say that phrase because they don' t say racist shit in the first place.

  • I support the Black Lives Matter movement.

    I support the Black Lives Matter movement because daily African Americans are mistreated, Murdered, And ignored. Yearly cops are murdering black lives and they are let off free, Most get suspended, But very few get justice they deserve. The justice system is outdated and people are tired of the racial injustice. Black lives must be treated equal as one before all lives matter. Matter is the minimum, Black lives are worthy! Black lives are not disposable! Black lives are needed! Black lives are HUMAN!

  • Of course Black Lives Matter

    This shouldn't be a thing people are arguing about. If you read and contextualize the statistics black people are being killed at a disproportionate rate. They make up 13 percent of the population and have been suffering from oppression for centuries. From slavery to Jim Crow laws, To redlining, And the war on drugs. We need to stand by their side and help fight the constant racism they experience. I hope people can understand that this movement is not against them, This movement is trying to fight for racial equality in America.

  • If you don't you are racist or ignorant.

    It appals me to see how many people are opposed to equality on the other side. They use few statistics, And those they do use are not properly being examined, Misleading the ill-informed. People are associating a movement with the actions of a few individuals. You can see that in the last week the protests have become less violent, Coincidentally just as the police force in the USA becomes more civil as they are globally condemned for their response to the protests.

    Some statues have been removed, However many protestors instead want people to recognise that the historical people we hold up as champions were not perfect, And had some deep flaws based on society at the time. Just as many are requesting that especially egregious figures instead be replaced by equally as important figures who didn't hold white supremacist views.

    Although White individuals may be killed more often by Police than Black individuals, You would expect this when they make up around 60% of the population compared to 26%. When taking into consideration percent of the population by skin colour, Black individuals are 3 times as more likely to be killed than their White colleagues. Police are also not charged 99% of the time, Which shows just how much they get away with. At most they may have to switch county, But they are still able to remain police officers.

    ISIS tries to kill people while Black Lives Mater doesn't, So there is no sane comparison. The first world was trashed by the elitist white supremacy viewpoint, Unless you liked the good old days of slavery, Then yes it trashed your ability to be an abhorrent human being. Also if you ever feel like you may become a minority, And feel in danger then; you will know how every non-white person feels, And can simply go back to Europe where all the Europeans live. Also calling African-American people criminals without any evidence is racist, Making you, At least partly racist.

    Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with religion so it cannot be Anti-Semitic (hatred against Judaism).

    Black Lives Matter does not call for African-Americans to become the leaders of society, Only asking that they can have the same basic rights, Protections and ability to not fear for their lives every living second. The All Lives Matter movement calls for the status quo to remain, Which means only white lives matter.

  • Black Lives Matter

    Why is this statement controversial? It simply states that the lives of Black people matter. The fact that this statement even needs to be made emphasizes it's relevance. To not be able to accept this simple phrase, To say, 'yes, The lives of Black people matter'.

    There is perhaps another argument to be had about the violence taking place, Whether it is relevant to the cause, Whether it helps or harms the cause. But why is the violence occurring? Watching social media, We can clearly see that police are agitating often peaceful demonstrations.

    The police response to a protest directed at their brutality has been to increase their violence - what options do the protesters have then but to respond with violence?

  • Black lives matter.

    To everyone who's counter-argument is "all lives matter": All lives can't matter until black lives matter. Last time I checked, They don't yet. Black Americans are 2. 5X more likely to be a victim of police brutality. Yes, More white people get brutalized by the police every year, But people of color are considered "minorities" for a reason. When you adjust the statistics to accommodate that fact, You end up with the 2. 5x. No one is advocating for "black supremacy". They're just anti white supremacy. White privilege is real. Being privileged doesn't mean you don't have struggles. It just means the color of your skin isn't one of them. You're not oppressed.

  • Obviously. Why wouldn't they.

    Sorry, But they do matter. If you can't get that through your thick skull, Then that's your problem. Watch the movie Amistad. It'll help you realize what has happened to these poor people throughout history. Racism is an evil, Ugly mark on society, And if you are against BLM, You're racist.

  • Of course black lives matter

    The Black Lives Matter movement is not saying that everyone else's lives do not. It is simply saying that black people have been treated like their lives do not matter. The movement is taking a stand. Think of it as saying Black Lives Matter TOO. I'm white but I will always support the movement.

  • Black Lives Do Matter.

    All of the protestings are necessary because people have looked down on Black people for thousands of years now and it is time to change. Now destroying people's stores and all of their hard work is not ok but all of the peaceful protests are getting now where Black people are still dying and are not getting justice until this stops. We are all human and we are all the same it does not matter what color your skin is. WE ARE THE SAME.

  • All Normal Human Lives Matter, That includes black lives.

    It isn't just black lives who matter. There are white lives and other human lives. ALL LIVES MATTER. Got it? ALL NORMAL HUMAN LIVES MATTER. Normal boys' lives, Normal girls' lives, Normal mens' lives, Normal womens' lives. Not gross trannies, Degenerates nor sjws nor feminazis who believe in degenerative ideologies such as abortion and there being "more than two genders". All this bs is coming from the leftists/globalists. WAKE UP PEOPLE. KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. Racism doesn't go one way, It goes both ways and right now, Blacks have become more racist than whites. Not all blacks are like this but still. Whites are not to blame when a black guy or girl DOES COMMIT A CRIME. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. EVERY MAN AND WOMAN, EVERY BOY, EVERY GIRL HAS TO, GOT IT? IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT HIS OR HER BACKGROUND IS. DO NOT BLAME ANOTHER FOR SOMETHING YOU DID.

  • The Black Lives Matter movement is a Terrorist group, Racist & Anti-Semitic

    I have nothing against black people,
    I have many black friends, But the Fact is
    The Black Lives Matter movement is all built on Lies, Lies, Every year in America Far More
    White People, Far More White Men in
    America are killed every year by Police than
    Black Men. Far More White People and White Men are killed by Police in America every year than Black people and Black Men.
    The death of George Floyd was very tragic,
    but if George Floyd was White, Would anyone care? Black Lives Matter is a Hate Group,
    a Terrorist Organization, And is Racist,
    Anti-Semitic and built upon LIES,

  • Things have turned violent

    Originally I was supportive of the movement however after a while I realised that many people started taking things to the next level. They are assaulting police officers, Threatening to pull down extremely historical statues even though they have little evidence (Winston Churchill in parliament square and Robert Baden-Powell the founder of scouts). They are turning into a violent angry mob who are breaking social distancing regulations which threatens a second outbreak. I am just waiting for the headlines to say that either a police officers or a protester is killed.

  • They have no clear goals

    The statistics at DOJ absolutely do not agree with the BLM movement. There are a COUPLE studies done at highly liberal universities showing that cops are more likely to shoot, Pull over, Etc blacks. But most studies found no difference. If a meta analysis was performed it would likely show NO DIFFERENCE. Also, Yes, Cops do racially profile. Why? Blacks perform more crime x5. Just look on the DOJ.

  • It's a front

    It is a total front by the ADL and MOSSAD and jew in general. FACT. They interfere with every grassroots protest. THIS IS NOT GRASSROOTS. This is a SCAM. FACT. The jew is the spawn of Satan. There were BRICKS placed outside of a Home Depot to make them RIOT on purpose. . .

  • Black Lives Matter is truly segregative and it has failed to address equally all racism

    I voiced an opinion as an Asian. Now, Do you think that Black Lives Matter represents for anti-racism, Or just only fighting for the people of Black-skin, Like those from Sub-Saharan Africa? I sympathize with the Black people who suffered racism, But what about Black racism toward non-Black subjects? Also, The people who are of Asian and European origins who lived in Africa have been forcibly chased away because of their economic achievements. Remember Indians expelled by Idi Amin in Uganda? What about Lebanese people being forcibly removed in West Africa, Too?

    Likewise, You forget that Black Lives Matter has ignored the increasing racist situation against Black people in Asia, For instance, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and even Thailand and India, Where the hatred against black-skinned people went undetected - they just instead shouting against America for racism and yet ignoring it.

    We're all fuckin' human, First. Ignorant is a bliss, Son. Black people deserve equality, But they need to check their fanaticism and partiality, Too.

  • BLM is racist

    Before you judge this look at what BLM is actually doing. They riot and loot businesses and this affects employees that are black. They may lose their jobs because of them. Also, If you are a black liberal, Hooray! But a black conservative? You don't matter. Also, They don't seem to care about unborn black babies. They side with Planned Parenthood even though it was created to kill off their population.
    BLM is racist

  • No, I will never support a black supremacist movement like BLM

    Like the headline says, BLM is a black supremacist movement that is extremely racist towards whites and extremely intolerant towards anyone who disagrees with them. They are a cult and it's sad to see that this propaganda is being pushed in our public schools.
    Also BLM's founders admitted that they are Marxists and BLM is against the nuclear family(it says it on their website under their what we believe page).
    Plus the riots they cause have destroyed small business, Apartments, And caused billions in damage. So yea, I don't agree with BLM

  • BLM Wants Superiority to Whites

    Stop pretending that African Americans are so oppressed here. There is no law today in America that supports discrimination. If African Americans are equal in law then they are equal. This movement seeks to make it impossible to pull over or arrest an African American because then you are deemed to be a racist and fired form your job. Go look at South Africa where the blacks have killed thousands of white farmers in racially motivated attacks in order to take their land. The government has even passed laws that allow the seizure of white property without compensation. That is racism.

  • Who is killing blacks?

    In 2019 race of people killed by police nationally:
    White 370 (36%)
    Black 235 (23%)
    Hispanic 158
    Other 39
    Unknown 202
    If we look at Homicide by race we see out of 2, 491 blacks being killed, 2, 245 were killed by blacks, And only 189 by whites. So if you conclude that Black lives matter, I agree, But so does any person, Not just blacks. And if you want to make the biggest impact on saving black lives from homicide, You need to look at blacks first, Simply by numbers.

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TheodoreRoosevelt says2020-12-03T10:59:26.663
Yes and No. I agree with their message and ideas regarding police reform (though Defunding the police would be disastrous so i don't agree with that point) However i disagree with their actions and how they have torn apart cities in their rioting for quote "justice" Stealing Shoes from stores. Was one of the videos i saw of them in the store.

It's clear we need strong law & order and a strong social service network for impoverished communities. If we are too help people and protect them from criminals at the same time. It's not a We either defund police or we get social services, It's very clear we need both.
Fraseandchico says2021-01-18T10:50:42.187
How the f**k do so many people say no.
BLM is a movement specifically looking for equal rights between races, Mostly focused on the mistratment of african americans.

Defunding the police would not be disastrous in most countries, Especially in, Say, America, Where the police get to bring along full on war crime-based weapons. The Police are meant to keep peace, Not be the judge, Jury, And executioner.
As for the 'riots', The majority of BLM protests have been peaceful, At least until Police Officers felt 'threatened' and brought weapons such as rubber bullets along. And many of the ones that didn't seem peaceful have been proven to have been escalated by moles from third parties looking to tarnish BLM.

Oh, Yeah, To respond to the other comment. You don't need a strong law and order if you handle mental health a lot better, And actually help people with what they need instead of leaving them in the dust while the people at the top of the ladder get all they want.

This is not a black supremacy group like some of these 'debaters' have tried to suggest. It is an equal rights group, Opposed to white supremacy.
DonnieB says2021-02-15T02:32:18.237
BLM is a Hate Group, Who do not want Blacks punished for breaking the law.
BatmanoftheJLA says2021-04-04T06:34:59.060
BLM is actually not even run by black people. It is a hate group set on destroying the very people they claim to protect. They are nothing but liars, Hypocrites and murderers, Traitors of the USA. I've spoken with actual black people about this matter who live in the USA and who have decent white friends. So any truthphobe who tells me differently can get off this planet becuz you don't belong here. Also BLM wants to destroy the traditional family so that's another thing.

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