Do you agree with the Crimea joining the russian federation?

Asked by: benko12345678
  • Crimeans wish to join Russia.

    1. 1783-1954 It was russian.
    2. Will of the crimeans.
    3. The language , a majority speak russian.
    4. Historical,cultural,traditional ties with Russia.
    5. The majority of the population are russians , 66-70 %
    6. Russia spend more money on investments in Crimea than Ukraine ever did.
    7. There will never be a Nato base there !!

  • We have right to choose

    When we finally had a real chance to vote we did! It's not up to USA or EU to choose for us how we want to live and to which country we want to belong! Ukraine treated us as second-class citizens. They forced their language on us never letting us have our language as second official one(while it was native for over 80% of Ukraine citizens). They did throw out their legitimate president that we voted for together with them. Their banks stole our money when closing and running away suddenly BEFORE the referendum. We actually had a choice between civil war and peace, we chose peace and I don't see anything bad in such decision.

  • More stable world

    Because wars, economical unbalances, angry citizens, angry governments, and international economical walls will be avoided so crimean, and russian people can eyoy of being safe, capitalists, powerful and have a better chance to destroy terrorists that attack their countries and their people. Also to have USA acceptaton and friendly hand

  • Crimea is right where it should be.

    I'm writing as a person who is personally affected by this situation, because my father was born there and my grandparents, aunt and three cousins still live there. I couldn't agree more with people who are saying that Crimea will only benefit from joining Russia and western countries should take that into consideration before demonising Russia, as well as they should pay attention to what Crimean people think and say about this and, more importantly, what THEY want. Nobody cares what EU or America thinks, technically they should have no say in the matter, yet they stick their noses in these affairs. My relatives there are so happy that there's finally some hope for a brighter future in Crimea. Kiev only sucked the money out of Crimea.

  • Crimea was never supposed to be part of Ukraine anyways

    Crimea has always been historically very linked to the Russians and the Russian nation. They have voted in a referendum and they have went back to where they rightfully belong, also, there has been no organised opposition from the Crimeans to this. As such, western media is clearly biased and the will of the Crimea people and her history with Russia must be respected

  • I'm all about self-determination, but it doesn't stop there

    If Crimea wants to be a part of Russia, let them. However, this was simply a land grab by Russia and Russia continues to infringe on Ukraine's sovereignty. In addition, Russia continues to make the region more unstable by supporting armed groups and terrorists. So yes to self-determination, and no to Russian expansionism and imperialism.

  • Russia is doing the right thing.

    I must remind you that only the EU and america are making a problem out of this. Ukraine itself has no people in Crimea that want to join them. If they were to take it by force, that would only result in a bloody genocide.

    Make the comparison to what happened between Serbia and Croatia: America intervened so that Croatia, with a minority group of current Croatians, could have what they wanted. Serbia was then supported by Russia, but Russia did not protest as a split was the logical way to achieve peace.

    Now, Russia is doing what Crimea requested from them. Ukraine has, just like Serbia, no right to opress Crimea's will. Not only that, they would also take away Crimea's chance to thrive economically. Russia has made great offers which Kiev denied, but Crimea is willing to accept.

    Lastly, I must add that things like "corruption" and "false referendums" are quite hard to prove: western media states that Russia "orchestrated" the protests but haven't come up with any proof. Why should we base our decision on such things? You can't simply orchestrate thousands of protesters risking their lives on the street!

    These are just a few reasons. There are plenty more, all easy to find on the wikipedia pages. Those who base their opinion on either RT or CNN or any other media, have no right to join this debate: the world is currently filled with propaganda on each side.

  • The neo-Nazi protests in Ukraine make me feel no

    The neo-Nazis had something to say about a foreign oppressor trying to take over them. But it's hard to say, though. I'm mixed on the issue. On one hand you have a small nation. And Putin is sorta acting like a typical Danish absolute monarch or a Churchill. So it's hard to say.

  • Crimea should join Russia for its own good

    Crimea is more than a piece of land to the russian federation, it is a strategic piece of land, neccessary for russia's economic supremacy. Even most of UKRAINE supports Crimea joining Russia. The only ones opposed are the extremist-right-winged leaders of Ukraine. Another factor is that the business investment environment in Russia is far superior to Ukraine so Crimea would actually benefit from joining Russia...

  • Nothing but a greedy landgrab

    Although it is arguable that since the public wants it, it should be allowed, this is clearly nothing but a landgrab by an increasingly imperialist Russia. Although I support a state's right, given a VERY good reason to secede, this was a referendum that was both boycotted and held at the point of a Russian gun, AKA a seriously flawed one. Considering that the regional government was already pro-Russia, I doubt that even if the populace was pro-Ukraine that they would count the votes properly. This has been condemned by the United Nations as a violation of the territory of a sovereign nation, and Russia should offer massive recompense, if not the territory back entirely.

  • Should the Southwest United States rejoin Mexico?

    It's a fairly similar argument to that which the Russians made. Their move was a power move that infringes on the sovereignty of a nation. In the 21st century we shouldn't be making moves to become bigger and more powerful. It's time people start working together for the good of all people and not just those who live within their borders.

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