• I support the Death Penalty.

    But if we aren't going to use it, then why give the sentence. Today's prisons have turned into Con Med. If the Death Penalty were issued & implemented routinely, you would see a drop in crime.

    Are innocents sometimes executed? Yes, probably. But that isn't the fault of the Death Penalty. They either had a tainted jury and/or lousy legal representation. The Justice System failed them. Many guilty manage to walk free. That too is a disgrace to justice.

    Some would argue that the Death Penalty doesn't deter crime. That is their opinion. Mine remains the opposite. If a person knows the penalty could be harsh, they think twice. Even a child is reluctant to break rules, if he/she knows that severe punishment will follow. The key is implementation.

    If we aren't going to actively use the Death Penalty, then it is time to remove the option from the Sentencing Phase. What is accomplished by allowing the convicted to sit on Death Row, for decades? Nothing. If anything, it gives the impression that our Justice System has become "soft" on crime. And that fuels a never-ending cycle.

  • No, but prison life for violent offenders should make them wish there was capital punishment.

    Prison is too easy now. Prisoners who commit violent crimes should perform the most horrible and dangerous jobs in society, and the proceeds of their labours should be returned to their victims. Furthermore, some of this money could be used to reduce the cost of their incarceration to the taxpayer.

  • Capital Punishment is Obsolete and Barbaric

    I would like to think modern society has moved beyond capital punishment. We have state-of-the-art correctional institutions, advanced understanding of psychology (for counseling), and psychiatric care at our disposal and here we are still murdering people for murdering people. It is a well-established fact that capital punishment for a young adult is actually more expensive than a life-sentence for the same person (http://www.Deathpenaltyinfo.Org/costs-death-penalty). There are no significant pros to keeping capital punishment but many great reasons why it should be abolished.

  • Way too many innocent people die because of the death penalty.

    The death penalty has resulted in the deaths of innocents in the past. That and the idea that the justice system makes no mistakes and no innocents ever get hurt by it is faulty the justice system has made mistakes many times in the past thats why giving them the power to kill is a bad idea.



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Sfaulkner says2014-08-06T02:13:49.193
Only in the most extreme cases (i.E. Osama Bin Laden's death, etc.) and it must be a confined person with undeniable evidence.