Do you agree with the Democrat's characterization of Sally Yates as a profile in courage?

  • Yes, for sure

    As a federal government lawyer, Ms. Yates had a responsibility to uphold the constitutional rights of the public. In standing against president trump and defending against an unconstitutional immigration order, she was simply doing what her job asked of her to the best of her ability. The fact that president Trump fired Ms. Yates for this is unjust and frankly despotic. There's a difference between insubordination and obligation. Of course, Ms. Yates knew already that her job was in danger, and still acted as she did. Was this a wise move on her part? Debatable. Was this courageous? Indisputably so.

  • She stood up for what was right

    Sally Yates had to have known she would be in jeopardy of losing her job for opposing the President's orders, but she also knew it was the right thing to do. She stood up for what was right, which is exactly what we need from people in positions like hers right now. She couragely opposed the orders of the President and set a precedent for people that follow.

  • She was a courageous fool.

    I knew the moment I read that she had spoken out that she would be fired. She was courageous indeed but she was also a fool. I wonder if she could have had a greater impact working behind the scenes to protect the countless people in limbo instead of speaking out on camera. I guess we'll never know now.

  • President Trump is the courageous one .

    Trump , a nice guy who didn't need any of the headaches of being president , has bravely taken on a corrupt and hostile Washington establishment , a corrupt and hostile media, and hostile and corrupt foreign powers that have been playing us for politically correct fools among other things . He will go down in history as the concerned citizen who rescued his country , Yates is already a popped blister on the face of corruption .

  • No, she was going to be out of a job anyway.

    The way I understand it, Mrs. Yates days as Attorney general were coming to an end and she was going to be replaced by Trump. If she were truly courageous she would have stood in the way of some of the questionable things Obama did during his administration when her job would've truly been on the line.

  • No, they are wrong.

    Democrats are wrong to characterize Sally Yates as a profile in courage. Yates did not stand up to the Obama administration when it came to unconstitutional executive orders. Yates did not stand up to the Obama administration when it came to Obama's drone program. Yates is purely a political figure.

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