Do you agree with the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict announced on April 20, 2021. . . ?

  • Mauvin murdered Floyd.

    If you punch an old person and they die because of complications of being old, You are still responsible for their death. Which is why the fentanyl argument down below is garbage.

    If someone tells you they can't breathe, Then the last thing you want to do is place your knee on their neck with excessive force.

    Mauvin responded to Floyd's pleas that he cannot breathe by telling him to quit talking. He didn't say calm down. He didn't say relax. His response was arrogant, Dismissive, And callous, Highlighting his malicious intent.

  • He used excessive force, Therefore the causal factor for the victims death.

    Had the officer of only used reasonable force, George Floyd would still be alive.
    George floyd was in handcuffs, Laid on the concrete floor, So the kneeling on him was excessive. The officer knew better, Was trained and failed in his duty to protect all citizens even those under arrest, So the question that must be asked is why did no one else step in to protect George before his death?

  • Chaha real smooth

    Dededeede turn to work Derek kills a another one, Hop one time, Derek is a mruder worst than a serial killer, 2 kills this time yeahhhh that's how justice works my chideren police are always above the law. Derek goes to work kills 3 this time he laughs as he gets free after killing 10 more people!

  • Derek killed him in cold blood, Who cares about the fentanyl.

    Derek Chauvin knew what he was doing, And he did nothing about it. He heard his cries, Him repeating that he couldn't breathe, Along with the other bystanders telling the officer that he would die if he would not move and he still kneeled on him. This was a murder, And even if he had been on drugs, Who cares? A, He was still restricting an already vulnerable airway, And B, Thats not grounds for murder.

  • Of course! Police is not above the law

    You can't just use your knee to choke someone when you have like 3-4 police mates with you and they are holding him at the same time. It's not he was a superman who can just beat the hell out of those guys and could run away. I think police has been their unquestioned brutal force and in that arrests most of them are afro American

  • No. The decision was made under threat of riots.

    The defence provided resonable doubt that Chauvin was using a standard police restraint tactic after Floyd refused to be put in the back of the car. They also proved that Floyd had 3x the overdose level of fentanyl in his system and had no damage to his corrated arteries or trachea (which would be present if his neck was being crushed).

  • Google Tony Timpa

    I bet you've never heard of him. He died in a police chokehold, Except he was neither resisting arrest nor overdosing on any drugs.

    Why haven't you heard of Tony Timpa? That's easy, He was white.

    When I see a single individual fighting for the arrest of those officers, I will be happy to listen to an argument against Chauvin. Until then, The facts are:
    1. George Floyd would've died regardless of Chauvin (3x the lethal dose)
    2. If Chauvin had continued to force Floyd into his vehicle (standard police procedure) despite Floyd begging him not to be put in the car, He would've never been the subject of trial-by-mass-media.
    3. Asphyxiation is literally the overdose side-effect of that drug. Floyd was saying 'I can't breathe' before he touched the ground-- Chauvin didn't choke him, Nor does any evidence support that claim.

  • Excessive force, YES Murder, No

    The fact of the matter is the same for this case as with many others. If they didn't resist or try to run, They would still be alive today. It doesn't matter what your race is, Police don't chase you if you're not running. Police don't fight you if you're not resisting. The police are people of authority, We are supposed to listen to them. If you don't listen then you take your life into your own hands. It's common sense. But common sense isn't so common.

  • No, To excessive.

    He should have been charged with assault and unlawful use of force, And maybe murder, But since Floyd was resisting arrest I cannot say for sure, Floyd probably wouldn't have died if there was no drugs n his system, Kneeling on a grown mans neck for even ten minutes probably would not kill him, As you are kneeling, If Chauvin had truly applied real force during the kneel, Then Floyds neck would have been crushed long before he died.

  • The decision was made based on fear, Not on justice.

    The trial showed significant evidence to show doubts of what the public narrative showed. The fact that Floyd was high to the bones, With his dealer in the car, And a speedball found with his saliva and ADN. Prior to the accident, He was warned by his doctor of having a "weak heart", That wasn't able to resist all drugs he was consuming. Even though this is more than enough to doubt his culpability, Fear was the prime motivation in the decision making. With 300 blm protestors outside the court and maxine waters literal call for violence, Clearly the motivation was based on fear and not on justice.

    Plus the fact they came to a decision extremely fast and this being a hugely televised spectacle (the death of Floyd with the subsequent blm "protests"), People had a pre existing opinion based on the media narrative (that undeniably exist considering Project Veritas CNN exposure video of one of the heads of it stating they wanna "help blm" while being so called "objective journalism").

  • Jeorj floid deservved it! 1! 11! 11! 1! 1!

    Jorj was a bad man. He did many crime and is bad >:(, Jorg got five years in prizon for assalt and roberi in 2009 (thats when i waz born! ) derec shouldn have gon to prison because he onli kiled a criminal and that is what the polise are meant too do.

  • A hard no for me

    The whole thing was just a mess really, One day you show up and have to control a 6 ft+ out of control man and the next you are in jail because he OD. I watched the 1 hour version of the incident and the man was losing his marbles so of course they have to control him somehow. The trial was also bs considering the court seemed to forget the man was high on meth and that the jurors were under preassure from the outside due to how high profile this was. There were people literally outside the courtroom waiting for the verdict and if found innocent would have burned half the city.

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