• Absolutely, we need a definite change!

    The world is falling to pieces and we need a solution! The world needs to be ruled by geniuses not rich boys that have no intellect. If you chose Geniocracy, the world would change in a positive way, for sure. It would mean better lives, more understanding in modern day life's, more technology, more advancements in social life and better healthcare and understanding of peoples opinion. Because it would be intelligent people in power. And these people would be tested for their intelligence by their IQ level 50% above the average and to vote, you need to be 10% above the average.

  • Yes, I agree with what the NO section said but. . .

    Being smart and kind and wise and compassionate is a really good thing. In fact being smart IS being kind and compassionate. If you had a Geniocracy you could test them for smartness, Common sense, Love, Compassionate, Responsibility. . . Etc. I think that people would not honor the smart people, They would respect them. It can be a curse not a blessing.

  • Absolutely, intelligence combined with compassion in electors and elected officials

    The best part of this model is electors having minimum intelligence levels. I have always said, when faced unbelievably stupid elector decisions, to remember, 50% of the electors have a below average IQ! What is popular is not necessarily what is best for us. Imagine finally having an electorate that is not easily swayed by expensive propaganda? At the moment we essentially have a plutocratic form of governance, where the most wealthy are able to manipulate the masses with big budget, sophisticated media campaigns. And having compassion and empathy in a politician is essential. It is well documented that sociopaths are some of the most successful politicians. Weeding out the self serving psychos will allow for the best chance of getting policies that are actually for the good of the country rather than just their rich mates who bankrolled their fancy campaign.

  • A genius is a desperate need for this world.

    A group of geniuses would help out so much in this world, with just their inventions alone. Their possible inventions could relieve humans of our sufferings such as the idea of replacing human workers with robot workers so they can do all back-breaking, ridiculous long hour work and will do a much better job than us humans can do, while the humans are able finally relax and enjoy life the way they want.

  • Don't attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence

    Don't attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. Many ppl wrongly assume that nations or organizations fail because of malice, bad intent. The truth of the matter is that most failures happen because of incompetence. No one goes around twirling their mustache believing they're evil and conspiring against others. Most just aren't equipped mentally and intellectually to run things, they are incompetent. IQ tests aren't controversial in the scientific community at all, its accepted by most scientists to be the most accurate measure of measuring generalized intelligence , also known as G factor. It is used widely in sensitive government jobs, as well as some corporations. Academia also uses variants of it, like GRE and what not. Iq is one of the best predictors of career performance and success, as well as crime rates, and even medical conditions. It does have a genetic basis but its also influenced by environment and education. Other tests could be used in conjugation with IQ like IEQ, EQ and other behavioral economic tests. There is no alternative folks, we either get the best ppl for the job or we regress to popularity contests , mob rule and be relegated to mediocrity. Your choice

  • Intelligence is essential to good leadership.

    Being a good leader requires the ability to make good decisions. In order to make good decisions, one must be an effective problem solver, which requires intelligence. Intelligence, therefore, is essential to effective leadership. In this regard, a geniocracy system that screens for intelligence would be ideal in determining our best leaders.

  • If we elected a genius, they would better understand the aspects of rule.

    A genius would understand that American government should not be based on morality, because its too diverse of a topic here; it also refuses to let humans embrace their true potential (ex. Stem cell research, the cloning of the sheep, etc...) and is a general nuisance to human progression. Americans have come to feel so entitled, special, and invincible that they've passed the point of being able to be ruled by a mere monarch, dictator, or foreign power. It's too late in American history to force Americans to lie down or stay in their place through soft power, and any use of hard power would only enrage them and cause more chaos. The only way to properly and productively rule over Americans is through manipulation, now. American society has become ignorant, unhealthy, unmotivated, and continues to devolve; they must be led with the illusion of democracy now, while a cryptic geniocracy comes into play. Though, with time, a public geniocracy could exist.
    The genius would understand that the masses are generally stupid and cannot/should not rule over themselves; they need an intelligent leader. Though, maybe a single leader isn't best, instead of a pure geniocracy, maybe it'd be better to institute a geniocratic oligarchy, or a geniosepticractic republic. In a Geniosepticratic Republic the masses would elect seven genius from a pool of nominees who had been nominated by other intellectuals (scientific community, group of renown college professors, members of the previous sept, etc....). Anyone could become a nominator by living a culturally involved life, having a masters degree in a scientific, political, or cultural subject, having an above average IQ score, and displaying above average intelligence. One would qualify to be nominated by meeting all the previous requirements, associating with both the lower and middle class regularly and casually, displaying exceptional intelligence, and the ability to make decisions without emotional or moral involvement, and a genuine want for what's best for the country as a whole.
    The geniuses would understand the importance of human progression, and would operate in a sociocratic manner.
    The genius would understand that the American masses are like children who refuse to take their medicine; they don't know what's best for them or their future.

    Tl;dr YES!!!

  • We absolutely need intelligent leaders.

    This should include extensive intelligence, psychological, and governmental knowledge tests, as well as intelligence potential tests. We've had plenty of presidents that have made it into office simply because they were well liked, charismatic, or (you knew it would come up) rich. Prime examples are Ronald Reagan (who really only won for being in so many movies and being well liked) and George "Dubbya" Bush (obviously). This is happening even in non federal offices (Schwarzenegger, really?). Many presidents and elected officials barely even KNOW what the constitution says and shouldn't be in there. I'm not saying you have to be Einstein or anything; I;m just saying you need to be a smart person to be president. With our current system anyone can be president. And while that may be a good motivator for our children, it is not good for our government. Hard issues mandate smart leaders. It's as simple as that.

  • Being a genius does not make you a good person

    First, IQ was designed to be a predictor of academic success in elementary school. It was never intended to measure intelligence and its designers fought against it being used that way. Measuring intelligence is not really possible, but even if it were, we would need to use a test other than the IQ. Also, being a genius does not make you a good person. Hitler was a genius. Do you want someone like Hitler running the country?

  • Killing anyone for their 'intelligence' is still murder.

    First of all... They say an idiot is scarier than a genius. That's not true. A nation of genius's can be more terrifying than a nation of all types of people.

    Lets take Germany under Hitler. Hitler wasn't the only genius... The nation was FULL of genius's. They were on the forefront of scientific power, and look at them... The scariest part is knowing that they accomplished this with a terrible scientific set up where everything was so secretive that no one had access to each other's work. Imagine how technologically terrifying they would have been otherwise.

    My point is, everyone being smarter does NOT make a better world. Everyone learning love and compassion does, a lesson quickly discarded and destroyed by the very fabric of Geniocracy.

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