• Sex trafficking should remain illegal.

    Sex trafficking is much different than prostitution. While the debate over legalizing prostitution is as old as the hills, much like the profession, sex trafficking is a whole other matter entirely. Victims of sex trafficking are often taken and thrown into this lifestyle against their will. Also, they are often minors. These are criminal acts used to induct unwilling victims into this activity.

  • Sex Trafficking should be Illegal Worldwide

    Sex Trafficking is a trade that should be made illegal worldwide and highly punishable for those who use it as a means to exploit others. Those forced into sex trafficking, even if they enter as way to make money, are stripped of their human rights. No individual should be subject to that and more should be done to put an end to sex trafficking.

  • Of course it should be illegal!!

    Sex trafficking is a horrible crime that needs to be stopped and punished. These monsters are taking young and innocent victims, people who cannot fight for themselves, and forcing them into horrible acts. They are ruining their lives, and many of these victims end up knowing nothing else and end up joining the criminal activity when they outgrow the sex crimes.

  • There are victims.

    Sex trafficking is devastating to the victims. It ruins victims physically and emotionally, and sometimes even kills them. To have it illegal is the only way to make it happen less often. If not, there will only be more victims when people decide to abuse others in order to turn a profit.

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Sidetrack says2016-12-20T04:51:58.413
These statistics sould suspicious.
Sidetrack says2016-12-20T04:52:09.007
These statistics sound suspicious.