Do you agree with the Interpol Chief that an armed citizenry could prevent or mitigate massacres such as what happened in Kenya?

Asked by: AngstChrist
  • Armed citizenry could prevent or mitigate massacres such as what happened in Kenya.

    If all of the hostages in a the mall in Kenya were armed, they could have fought back against the terrorists. Citizens should be able to protect themselves. The world is becoming more dangerous with the spread of terrorism. By arming normal citizens, everyone will be able to fight back and everyone will be safer.

  • It seems obvious to me that its better to be able to fight back

    Than to be a sitting duck for when situations like this arise. Perhaps instead of crying for more gun control in the wake of tragedy, we should consider that an armed society is a polite society. It makes more sense to keep the criminals, psychotics and terrorists at bay with the knowledge that their targets might put up a fight.

    Self defense is a basic human right - its time government recognized that and allowed us the tools and ability to not be victims.

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MasturDbtor says2013-10-24T19:28:27.637
Can someone point out an example of a massacre thwarted or at least stopped before it got too bad because of an armed civilian?
AngstChrist says2013-10-24T19:53:05.217
My contention is when you increase the numbers of armed civilians, you reduce the chances of these situations getting out of control. Israel comes to mind as such a place.

There was a shooting in a mall in WI, a civilian engaged the shooter and mitigated the casualty counts.