Do you agree with the nation wide legalization of same sex marriage?

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  • It should be allowed.

    I'm am a 13 year old girl who is going to a Catholic school and church. In our Bible, it goes against gay people. At first when I was growing up, I didn't like same sex stuff. I admit I was even slightly grossed out by it. But a few months ago I read a children's book with a gay character in it. I think that opened my eyes to the reality of homosexuality. I know that some people can't help being gay. I think that gay marriage and adoption should be allowed. I myself am adopted. If I were adopted by two men or two women, I wouldn't care. I don't care if saying being gay is ok is against the Bible. It is one of the reasons why I am secretly no longer Catholic. If the God we believe in is supposed to be loving and open to us, he wouldn't care if we were gay. I think that gay marriage and adoption should be allowed.

  • Yes I do.

    Gays have the same rights as other people. Religious conservatives do not have the right to force their bigotry on other people. Liberty of belief does not equal the liberty to force said beliefs on others. I have no problem with people who disagree privatly with same sex marriage, but vote in favor of liberty. I am opposed to atheism, but I support the rights of atheists. If I see one more person playing the victimn, I will swear like a three legged donkay on crack.

  • Of course. It is their life not ours.

    People should be able to choose who they want to spend their life with. Everyone should be able to show their commitment and love to each other by getting married if that's their desired. It is none of our business who they choose to marry. That's their *personal* choice. It shouldn't even be a debate.

  • Love always wins

    #love wins
    It always does.
    Guess what?
    Nobody cares about your judgemental thoughts. Against your religion? Then dont be gay. Stop trying to change other people just because you dont agree with their life. You cant choose who you fall in love with, so no, you dont 'choose' to be gay. You choose to follow your heart and be yourself.

  • It's Common Sense, no?

    Welcome to Secular society, where religion cannot dictate peoples' rights. I'm not even American and I know that America's forefathers were secular humanists/deists and made the Constitution specifically to build the infrastructure for a perfect democratically run utopia built on a foundation of freedom and hope; a safe haven for people yearning for a life in a new world with new opportunity.

  • If you aren't a Christian

    Most of the people who voted this down, were.. Oh Christians. I wonder why? Because so many people who study the bible believe in an 'god' who just is invincible. And who apparently made everyone the way they should be. IF this was the case, why would he make homosexuals? Because that seems to contradict his own idea. If he was so amazing, he would accept them.

    And if you aren't a christian, why the hell wouldn't you be for equal rights. If you are a good human being you would.
    Same sex marriage does nothing other than making people angry, who are bigoted and ignorant people. And it makes so many people happy, to finally be able to marry who they want and who they love. How is that something that wasn't even legal? It's sad to think it took this long, for America.
    Canada, which I am thankful I'm from here has made it legal for quite a few years.

  • I think that of course we should encourage same sex marriage, and I absolutely agree

    First off, being gay means you truly love someone of the same sex. It is still love, and it should not be discouraged. Secondly, some of the people who voted "No" to this issue bring in the Bible to their arguments. I am a non-religious person, but I still know what the Bible states. Sure, it says that homosexuality is wrong, but it also tells us things we don't usually follow, such as eating a cheeseburger, or most types of meat, wronging anyone in speech, taking revenge, bearing a grudge, or many others. We are rude to each other and eat meat, which breaks the Bible's laws, so why should we choose to follow some laws when hating others, but choose to disobey laws that relieve hate and save lives?

  • The Supreme Court made the right decision

    Many argue that the Supreme Court violated the United States' dedication to states' rights in favor of a popular idea by legalizing gay marriage. However, this is biased and untrue. The Supreme Court, upon releasing their opinion, made their ruling very clear. Gay marriage was protected under the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution. In short, denying marriage to gay couples was denying them a legal right (tax exemptions, 'bed rights' in hospitals, custody, etc.) which were offered to straight couples. The Court viewed this as a violation of the equal protection clause, as it was denying equal protection under the law to gay couples. The ban on gay marriage was ruled Unconstitutional, and rightfully so.

  • I agree because any sort of marriage should be allowed

    Homosexual people should have exactly the same rights as heterosexual people - that includes marriage. It was unfair how a gay / lesbian couple couldn't get married, their love is as real as it would be between a man and woman, So I'm extremely pleased that same sex marriage has been legalized because it promotes equality and fairness.

  • Two people who wants to get married, Should be able to get married.

    This is so simple. Marriage is a decision by two adults who want to be together legally. It's not anyone's business to decide if two people should be together or not. If that's the case, Than every single marriage should be voted. I find it hypocritical that folks state their beliefs and expect everyone else to follow it. Two adults who pay taxes and are good members of society should have the right to live together under the law without apologizing or asking for permission. If one has a problem with it, Than it's one's problem. This person should ask for help in order to get rid of its bigotry and prejudice. The world is in such a crazy situation now, We need more people in love! Another point is, If gay people are forced to marry someone from the opposite sex, They won't be happy. The family will have a weak base, And most likely problems will erupt in the future. A couple should start in the right terms being truthful to each other. Every one who wants to get married should be allowed.

  • Keeping it State Neutral

    I do not agree with the ruling of same sex marriage because of what can possibly come from it. Before beginning, let me state that I am Christian and will respect others beliefs. If you believe about being gay, that is your choice; but do not force your belief down my throat. Even though I do not agree with the idea of same sex marriage, does not mean I'm a "homophobe", but following my own beliefs.

    I believe that same sex marriage should have been kept as a state neutral. My first reasoning of why is because of the decision on sticking to one side or another. In life, we all wish to stay neutral; and this decision could've stayed neutral if one side or another was not made. The side made showed that the Government cared more about the values of LGBT Community, than the religious values of the people.

    Secondly, there was technically another way where same sex couples could've got married, and was not illegal in the first place. The term I am referring to is a "Domestic Partnership". A Domestic Partnership is an interpersonal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life. The only difference is not receiving the ceremony of a marriage bond, but still having the similarities as a marriage.

    Third, now me being Christian and disagreeing with the idea, this third reason might be over the top. I apologize for that, but we will not know until the future unveils itself. The third reason is because of the possibilities of forcing churches to wed couples. Will this happen, who knows? But, will strike tons of controversial trouble; and could end the traditional values of the U.S. Who doesn't say the religion of Christianity will crumble because of the forcing of possible marriages? In fact, this proves to be more unjust than the discrimination of the LGBT Community.

  • No I don't.

    Hello, I am a Christian.
    If you look real hard on the dollar bill you will see "In God we trust".

    America is a Christian country, and in the Bible it says against same sex marriage. I am not a bigot in any way. I know it must be hard for gays. (Well not now since being gay is like the new cool) But I do not think they should date or get married. I am not saying I hate the people or anything. I would hangout with another male that is gay, I just don't think they should get married. It is against what God says and America is a Christian country although we do allow other religions.

    I understand that it's hard and that it would suck to be lonely for the rest of your life, but it's not acceptable to go against God. You may call me a bigot all you'd like but just know that I am not. I have the right to state my opinion without being called a hater.

    It seems there is no inbetween for anyone, its either you love gays or you hate them and your a bigot.
    I don't hate them but I don't believe they should get married. Period.

  • I disagree with how it was passed

    First off, I believe government shouldn't have anything to do with marriage. Second, anyone has the right to get married. I am a Christian so I personally don't believe in same sex marriage, but I, along with everyone else, don't have the right to stop someone from getting married. However, the Supreme Court doesn't have the right to declare same sex marriage legal in all states, and this act is very harmful towards the framework of democracy and this nation. If I had it my way, a couple would be able get a marriage certificate in a church, with an ordained "marrier", or even at a Walmart!

  • No I do not agree with this legislative move.

    I am a christian and I personally think its wrong, however if it has to be a legal I think there should be some boundaries. I believe that this would be much more fair for both sides. Right now I feel as If my rights are being steam rolled over by a movement with no other goal then to make me do/agree with something I do not want to. I agree that that people that go about this way of living should be allowed to be "married" but to an extent. I don't think they should be married in a church that is not willing to allow it due to their religious beliefs and rights of conscience. I feel a marriage certificate is just fine and If not there are plenty of other churches that agree with same sex marriage. But to force someone by way of lawsuit or defamation for "discrimination" is wrong in my eyes. This in a sense not only gives people with the same sex preference "equal" rights (which is great) but more rights than other people that do not go about that way of living and there is where I draw the line. When laws are passed that allow the people to have extra rights that infringe upon the rights of others you cannot call that "equal".

  • This decision should remain the States' choice

    Maybe if you live in Liberal Land like Illinois or Cali, then it is okay to allow same-sex marriage, but to allow it in the entirety of the United States is wrong. There are too many people that think it is gross and a shame that that is becoming a thing in our nation to just allow it everywhere.

  • By legalizing gay marriage in all states they have set us down a dangerous road.

    This i believe is a pretty simple thing, the individual States should have control over what happens in it. Gay marriage is something that individual states have very differing views on and leaving it to the states themselves if a state's people are in favor then they will legalize if they are against let them do what the people believe. Point is we have states and state governments for a reason and letting the government control the masses and disregard state government our country could fall into a bad spiral of total control.

  • No but here's why...

    I think that people should have the right to be in a same sex marriage, absolutely. Let everyone love who they wish. What I don't agree with is the fact that those who do not agree with same-sex marriage but are in (non religious) positions to marry people, are now being forced to perform same sex marriages, when they may have originally taken the position with the security of knowing they would never had to do anything that would violate their religious beliefs. I have an uncle who has been a superior court judge for 18 years (beloved by the community) and is now having to seek another job because he is suddenly being forced to not just recognize, but support something that violates his religious beliefs.

    I feel like the whole same-sex marriage debate is a whole one-sided argument. The LGBT community always criticizes those who don't have an "open mind," but have expressed no sensitivity whatsoever toward those who may not agree with their views. They just want everyone to bend to their way of thinking, in the name of "social evolution."

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