• Yes, I agree with the Pope's message.

    I do believe that a marriage is a religious thing and is between a man and a women. However I also think that if homosexuals want to have the same rights that go along with getting married they should. I think that the government should recognize civil unions between homosexuals the same way as marriages, but calling it a marriage isn't correct because marriage is a religious thing.

  • Yes, I support the Pope's message regarding marriage.

    I think that the current Pope is a really modern thinking Pope that can relate to a lot of young people today. But he also still holds traditional values and beliefs that his religion teaches. And I agree with his stance on gay marriage. I think that for him to change his views would be everything that Catholics believe in.

  • This is the 21st Century.

    I really don't care much about gay marriage since it doesn't apply to me, but the pope's message is a sign of change. The very nature of life is change. It is impossible to think that you can keep things the way they are if the world around us is continuing to evolve. If you cannot accept change, then you don't belong in this century.

  • No, not if it is against gay marriage.

    This pope is a man who cares about people and poverty and all sorts of abuses of human rights, so he is doing the best he can within an oppressive and patriarchal organization. He has stood up for many different people but still has to stay within party lines with regard to things like gay marriage.

  • No, I do not.

    The Pope believe that same sex is not right, on this matter I will always disagree. No matter what kind of marriage, you should not limit the peoples rights if it's two or even more consenting adults. This is limiting a persons rights just on the judgment and moral standards of religion.

  • The pope is starting to alienate traditional followers.

    The new pope is way too liberal, accepting gay lifestyles to a point of almost promoting it, and being forgiving towards the idea of gay marriage. This is fine for people who are actually gay, but other people who are more traditional and do not want to have this philosophy as part of their church are being alienated. This is the church's base.

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