Do you agree with the saying "all is fair in love and war"?

  • All IS fair in love and war.

    Love and hate, these are two extreme emotions but they have a common denominator.

    They are both fair. There are no rules in war, and also in love. It's that simple.

    In war, kill or be killed. In love, you don't need a reason to show love. You just do. Hence the saying all is fair in love and war.

  • It's all fair game in love or in war.

    You can't expect someone to play fair in war when their survival is on the line. When they kill someone during the war, you can't fault him because it is to be expected that when you go in a war, there is a big possibility that you will die, if you live then good for you, but if you die then it's part of it. Same with love, you can't fault someone when they fall out of love because in the matters of the heart, there's nothing you can do about it. U either fight for it or accept. And just like in war, u should know if you are sure to emerge the winner or when to surrender and when to walk away

  • The ends justify the means when it comes to love and war.

    When you are fighting a war it is important to do what you have to in order to win the war. When going for love it is also important to do as much as you can for the people that you love. For these two things i am a firm believer in the means justifying the ends.

  • I definitely say no

    So according to this statement countries that drop bombs on innoncent people are correct and militia who kill innoncent people on the basis of religion are correct. Lovers who rape other young girls are correct, lovers who throw acid or physically abuse girls are correct.
    This is extremely wrong and thats why I strongly disagree with this statement

  • No, certain things are just not right

    We do not live in a world with no rules, and many of those rules are there for a reason. If we just allowed ourselves to be ruled by passion without thinking, the world would be in chaos. Yes, it's important to stick to what you believe in, whether it be to fight for your loved one or your country, but logic and reason are just as fundamental and necessary as passion and strong beliefs.

  • I say no.

    You cannot use atomic bomb to destroy the enemy because your enemy has friends and they have atomic bomb also.. If you use your atomic bomb to finish your enemy off then your enemy's friend will use theirs against you and after all the whole planet will be gone forever where not to be left to survive.. So think for a while, will it be fair to use atomic bomb in a war..? The answer would come up from you as "No" or "Never" because if you play unfair your life existence will be threaten and fall in risk.. Similar logic is applied here, if you play unfair in love your love will be just gone in sixty seconds because you played unfair so viewers have shown your game, become inspired by you and have made made a logic unfair game is fair against unfair a player.. So the inspired viewers will play fairly with you in the most unfair way.. Therefore it's healthy or good (whatever you say..!) for all of you to play fairly so that the outcome from the game doesn't hit you like a boomerang ...

  • Both would lead to blindness.

    Whenever we fall in love, we only dream everything. We don't see our object of love as a normal human being with flaws. Whenever we stalk somebody, we think we're doing a good thing but we don't know that while we love them, we're annoying to them. Yes, even in war too we become blind. We don't see our enemies as a human like us. We don't think they also have the right to live peacefully. Blindness leads to nothing but darkness where we can't see reality.

  • I say no

    When it comes to your heart, everything is a war. Whether one is trying to maintain a relationship or get over one. Who is to say what is fair when nothing makes sense. It is a question that will take you round and round. I would like to think that if you find that one person who makes your world spark, that you let nothing stand in your way. Fight and fight, just know the consequences, some wars end peacefully, some lose, and some win. Just know that love is pain, and know your limit for how much pain you can endure. I do not care for the pain, so I say fight and listen to what you believe to be fair.

  • No, not really.

    Just because you are put into a dangerous situation or a situation that feels do or die (like love) doesn't mean that you should abandon all your morals, particularly in the latter. There is also the saying "stick to your guns" which contradicts that statement in a way. I don't believe in doing either of those things 100 percent of the time, but rather just being rational and fair.

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