Do you agree with the statement, "This is America. Speak English."?

Asked by: Sourgummyworm
  • Anyone read the story of the Tower of Babel?

    America is now and I hope always will be a culturally diverse nation with the ability to achieve greatness because of our cultural differences. That being said everything worth doing is worth doing well and if it is worth coming to this nation for whatever reason then it is worth assimilating so that you can achieve the dream that brought you here to begin with. I don't believe that it is too much to ask immigrants to learn the common language of the land, I do believe that to ask every US citizen to learn all languages is ridiculous. In order for this country to remain United it needs a voice that all can understand, We require diversity, debate, opinion, and tolerance, none of which is possible if the individual message falls on deaf ears simply because of language.

  • Yes, it increases national unity, maintains American culture, increase economic future of immigrants and standard of living

    The simple answer would be yes, be respectful of the country you are surviving in and learn its language and its culture. Some need a reason beyond "be a decent respectful immigrant".
    So here are some:
    Language is part of culture, culture dictates work ethic, law and punishment, military doctrine, innovation, technological advancement etc.
    Learning the language allows immigrants to have the key to economic success, and language is a barrier, if within the same country multiple people speak multiple languages and its acknowledged by a government body it creates barriers to trade. These have obviously been surpassed by humans beings across the ages with a standard tongue amongst traders, or the trading tongue. Before english it was french and it has shifted many times throughout time.

    Learning the language also allows for the immigrant to begin adapting, in other words creating a new cultural identify. If the immigrant is proud and stubborn of the culture he or she came from then it defies the purpose of them migrating in the first place. Choosing not to learn, or not pushing/forcing immigrants to learn the language allows for the mistake of remaining loyal to your culture of origin to be made. You know the same language whose culture you as an immigrant RAN AWAY from. This in turn creates friction, discrimination for lack of respect, respect is earned by the way although disrespect shouldn't be the rule of thumb, previous immigrants not respect the native culture which yes now the native culture is American, makes the American people more skeptical of immigrants. ALl due because a large minority decided not to learn the language.

    Learning the language allows immigrants to begin cultural adaptation, without it they will be forever immigrants. The job of a good immigrant to its host country is to be respectful enough to consciously make the decision to learn the culture that attracted you in the first place. It was the culture of "immigrants" that attracted you to the US. The culture that created this country's government, constitution , military etc was British/Frontiersmen=American. Like it or not, it wasn't any other culture who came up with the constitution.

    I hail from Colombia, and not a single hispanic was part of the drafting of the bill of rights, or the declaration of independence in the US. ANd just like if you went to Colombia because you are attracted to it...For whatever reason, you are expected to learn its language and its culture. Within a generation or two the people are simply Americans if you still call your self "X" American" likely stems from you not learning the language, or even if you learn it not take it seriously enough to ditch your original culture.

    So you see learning the language is only the first step, like the keys to a house, the house being increase economic prosperity. Attaining those keys and willingly being part of that house are 2 different things.

    Posted by: N711
  • First, English needs to be made the official language of America.

    A common language brings people together.
    And with immigration out of control, this is one thing that can help nation-wide. It would also save money by cutting down the printing of various other state & federal printings of tax instructions, motor vehicle instructions, et cetera.
    "Many people are surprised to learn that the United States has no official language."

  • English not spanish

    I am tired of calling a help line and being asked to press a special number for spanish, I live in america. Tired of papers from school in English and spanish, I live in america. I am tired of paying taxes to support illegal immigrants, go be a burden to tour own country. IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN IN AMERICA LEARN ENGLISH AND GET YOUR CITIZENSHIP!

  • It is only fair.

    When you travel to a different country where almost nobody speaks English, you are expected to learn the new language that is most commonly used in the country. Why would this not be true for immigrants who are coming into the United States? Why is it suddenly not okay to ask the same thing here? I'm not saying that they can't speak their native language at all, I'm saying that THEY need to learn the most common language here (English) just as we would be doing the same if we went to their country. To refuse to learn the native/most common language in a different country is absolutely absurd and extremely rude.

  • Languages are barriers

    People can't communicate in this country and it's because of all the Spanish only people here. We have all kinds of people in this country and for some reason the central belief is to be american we should learn English and Spanish but why? Why no Chinese or Japanese or some of the other 100's of languages? If I went to live in china, japan, germany, SPAIN, mexico.. Would I be demanding they change everything and learn english so that I can function no it's selfish to think that way. Some of those countries do teach english in school just like we teach spanish, french and others but it's a choice not a requirement.

  • Speak English America

    I have so many supporting Arguments. Let me start with the fact that while searching for employment half of the jobs say "must speak Spanish". Last time I checked I live in United States of America. When I worked in customer service, I had to explain flooring to a ten year old so they could translate it to their Spanish speaking parents. These parents had to take their children with them shopping for translation. You can not imagine how bad I felt for these children. They had no idea what I was talking about and they had to translate facts about carpeting, hardwood floors, tile, etc. It happens more than once and it is pathetic.How about the money spent in this country to have everything sent home from school in English and Spanish. Or the fact that my son could not get extra help in reading or English, but my Spanish girlfriend received help for her son the next day. The principle hand me a 60 pound stack of books and said"this should help" I could go on and on with these arguments but I am getting so upset just thinking about it. Oh yea, what about having driving manuals in Spanish so they can get a license. How stupid. How are they going to read the street signs Whaaaaaat!!!!!Idiots!!

  • Lt is more than literacy

    Not being able to speak the dominant language makes it more difficult to work, limits the kind of work you can do. It creates more boundaries to being a useful person and citizen. What a shame i see many mexican small kids that were born here who cannot speak english, it does those kids a disservice. Not being able to speak the english language alone is not enough though. Being literate to me means educated enough to understand your obligation as a citizen and contributing to your community and your community

  • Please speak English

    I think English needs to become the official language of the country because it will help to unify our nation for economic and civic reasons. Would not an English speaker be expected to speak or try to communicate in Spanish if that language is the dominant language of that country.

  • Foreign Languages Are Barriers

    I respect immigrants coming to America and speaking their native language with family and friends but when it comes to business activity it is essential to everyone's common unity to allow quicker and less painful situations and to speak to the majority of Americans you must learn English. (Plus it's more respectful)

  • America is a nation of immigrants

    I understand that English is a very common language in the United States and that in most circumstances it's the language people need, but people shouldn't feel like out cast because they don't know English. America is a nation that was built by immigrants and I can assure you that not every single one of them no English. It's rude to tell people that because this is America they should speak English. What is freedom of speech if you aren't able to say what you want in your language, why must you say it in another language.

  • English is from England, a foreign country and we are in the land of diversity and freedom

    In truth, in your logic, we should make American Sign Language, and the Native American dialects the official languages because they are truly the "native American languages". English itself is a language born from many, and this land is filled with diversity and different cultures. Should we take away others culture by implementing a foreign one ? America is the land of the free, and to force people to only speak in English will cause an uproar in the Deaf community, but also will be unconstitutional, against the 1st amendment.

  • I agree with it

    I'm not an american, however if your migrate to a country YOU must adjust to the country not the other way around seems like common sense to me and since in america the language is english everyone is to learn english simple as that anyone who refuses to learn english should simply be deported as they are clearly not willing to put in nay effort to keep on living in the country

  • "Americans" aren't a single type of person so why would we all speak one language?

    America has always been known as a Melting Pot. America is a very diverse country and not even white people are free of falling under the umbrella of "immigrants" because their heritage is European. In every part of the US, there are many people of different races with many different dialects. What if Native Americans went around speaking their native language, telling everyone to speak their language? All those English mono-linguists would be pretty upset, would they not? Plus, why would you take away all the beauty of diversity?

  • I believe it is preferable, but not necessary

    While it would certainly be easier for immigrants to learn to speak English, there are plenty of communities where many immigrants from the same country live, so everyone speaks the same language (for example, a community with mostly Hispanics, where everyone speaks Spanish) But if a non-English speaking immigrant lives in an area without English speakers, they should learn basic English.

  • The First Amendment

    The first amendment states we have freedom of speech, freedom of whatever language we choose. And one person agreeing with the topic stated that they are tired of paying taxes for illegal immigrants, these "illegal immigrant" are paying more taxes than any of you so you should praise these hard working souls rather than be racist and calling people illegal.

  • This is America. We have Freedom of Speech.

    I agree that people that come here should learn English. Especially if they're going to work somewhere where they serve the public, there needs to be an acceptable level of proficiency.

    But I speak Spanish and Japanese, and I plan on learning other languages, and if some smart*** ever interrupted a conversation I was having in another language to tell me "This is America, speak English," I'd tell him to **** off. This is America, not Communist China or Nazi Germany.

  • This is America and We Have the Freedom of Speech

    I agree that all who come here should learn to speak English. Especially when working in a position where you will be serving the public, there ought to be a required proficiency level.

    But I speak Spanish, Japanese and I'm learning several other languages, and if some smart*** interrupts a conversation I'm having in another language to tell me "This is America, speak Emglish," I'd tell him to go **** himself.

    This is America. We have the freedom to speak in whatever language we want.

  • Why should we force people to speak English?

    People need the freedom to speak whatever language they desire. There is nothing wrong with speaking Spanish, or any other language. After all, many Americans are immigrants, who are still learning the English language. After all, America IS the land of the free, so you should give the people freedom to speak the language that they desire.

  • To me, it's an insult.

    America was never just English speaking. English will probably always be the language spoken out of simplicity but it should not be the official language. Our founding fathers made sure not to designate an official language for a very good reason just like they didn't designate an official religion! Improve yourself, learn other languages.

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