Do you agree with the supreme court's decision to legalize gay marriage all over the US?

Asked by: Madeline1698
  • We are a country of liberty.

    Our founding fathers wanted a country where people have the liberty to do what they pleased within their personal lives. Despite what the evangelical right says. Our country was not based on Christian principles. We are not a Christian nation. The treaty of Tripoli explicitly stated we are not a Christian nation and that war was not a religious war. So deny gays the right to marry based on the fact that we are a Christian nation is intellectually dishonest.

    Posted by: fdsa
  • It was a civil rights argument.

    I have been arguing this subject since I have first gotten onto this sight. I have been doing that because I have been trying to understand why people are so against the LGBT community's right to get married. I still have questions about why they do it, and unfortunately no one has been able go give me satisfactory answers to them.(so I continue to debate it to try and get logical answers to my questions)
    The point is, is that I can't get any good arguments against it, and now that it is legal I am glad.
    (P.S. If any one wants to debate the topic with me, I would gladly accept)

  • 36 States legalized

    Gay marriage prior to the Supreme Court's decision + the opposing argument's main point is when congress violated the 1st Amendment back in 1954.
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  • It doesn't affect anyone.

    I mean besides the gays of course. Two people doing something that don't involve you doesn't affect you, so let them do what they want. Unless they're murdering children, of course.

    And if you're religious, you should know not to impose your religion on others and force them to believe in the same thing as you. You're going to heaven, if you allow two other people to be happy together, you're not gonna go to Hell.

  • Yes, two consenting adults should be allowed to form a union.

    I believe the issue gets "sticky" because we made the mistake of using religious terminology (marriage) in writing the laws. In practice, as far as the state is concerned, ANY marriage is a civil union. The proper way to maintain separation between church and state would be a sweeping change to replace "marriage" with "civil union" in all legislation and contracts in the country. The state then tracks civil unions for everybody.

  • It's not meant to be.

    The pledge of the American flag literally says, "One nation under God" so yeah, I think it's not necessarily a Christian Nation but surely whichever God the pledge is referring to wouldn't agree with the law legalizing same sex marriage. Regardless of religion, I just don't think people are supposed to be with someone of the same sex.

  • It is against intsinct

    Some people say it is a freedom of choice, but taking this to the next level is gonna make gay people want to adopt children, and those children who are gonna be raised with parents from the same sex are going to need a missing gender as a parent. They may not get enough love and more than that get disgusted and hate their parents.

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Thescarecrow066 says2015-09-15T00:31:20.923
Eh i'm christian if America wants to seal its fate and turn into a heck hole then fine by me.