Do you Agree with the Supreme Courts ruling on same sex marriage?

Asked by: iAustinR
  • Welcome to the 21st century America!

    Finally some progress! I don't understand why same sex marriage was even an issue. The people who opposed its only argument was "god" said its wrong, it offends me, whats next pedophiles will marry? The opposition are against it because of the bible. By the way America is not a Theocracy. Separation of church and state exist, don't believe me read the constitution. Is just plain stupidity. Two tax paying consenting American adults should be allowed to be married. More married people will mean an increase of adoption. Also same sex couples will have more benefits that they didn't have before. The statement in the pledge of allegiance reading "Liberty and justice for all" is one step closer to becoming true.

  • Secularism and Equality

    What are the Main Arguments Against the Gay Marriage?
    1. It is not marriage, because the definition says it says one man and one woman. Well, the first "traditional" marriage was a certificate that said a woman belonged to a man and had to be obedient to a man, and the man can have concubines.
    2. It's not natural. Our biological instincts tell us to spread our seed and hunt when we're hungry. We have come to the point where we can ignore our natural instincts.
    3. They can't have children and hurt the ones they raise. They can adopt one of the 397,122 children without families and studies have shown that their kids tend to be equal or more developed than kids grown in straight houses.
    4. It's immoral. To YOU and YOUR God. This is a SECULAR nation, and it wasn't founded on your values btw.
    5. It is forced upon us. Sometimes that's required for action to take place. Stop whining about equality.
    6. It'll open the gates for pedophilia and bestiality. No it won't because those actually have negative consequences.

  • It's the law

    All religious and moral arguments aside, one thing Americans can agree on is that the Constitution rules the land, everything in it is law. So, when the 14th Amendment guarantees "the equal protection of the laws" to all people, we cannot deny that gay people are, in fact, people. Because marriage is a legal contract in our system, granting custody, shared property, "bed rights" in hospitals, etc., denying marriage to homosexual people would be a blatant breach of the 14th Amendment.

  • How does it affect people?

    Unless you're forced to marry a member of the same sex (or possible forced to marry same-sex members or make their wedding cake), you have no basis in claiming that same-sex marriage is forced on you. How does it affect YOU that others are allowed to marry whom they love?
    If you argue that it goes against your religion, note that the U.S. is a country that has freedom of religion. Therefore it makes no sense that all people, whether Christian or not, aren't allowed to marry same-sex members because of Christian beliefs.

  • This goes against God!!!

    Our founding fathers of the USA dedicated this land to GOD!!! By Washington himself, along with other presidents!!! The USA is a Christian based country!!! If you are a TRUE Christian, then you already know what God says, if you say there's no GOD? Then why do you live on my land! Gods land!

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