Do you agree with the theory that the Gulf War Syndrome was caused by the anthrax vaccine?

  • Yes I do

    Yes I do believe the Gulf War Syndrome was caused by the Anthrax Vaccine if you look at all vaccines the only people who really get sick are the ones who end up with the vaccinations. Those that don't get the flu are not the ones dying it is the ones who get the flu vaccine. Do you think the Government is going to tell you the truth.

  • Pseudoscience and fear mongering

    Anti-vaxxers are the real danger, as always they come armed with the latest in "sourcing" from such reputable papers as "global truth news and natural news. Armed with an ironclad fear of education and science. Not to mention reams of badly sourced anecdotal evidence usually presented in the form of "some guy on youtube said". These people provably cause outbreaks, like measles and whooping cough last year in Texas and California respectively.

  • It is existed before.

    No, I do not agree with the theory that the Gulf War Syndrome was caused by the anthrax vaccine, because they have not been able to show any link. There are people who received the vaccine that have not seemed to have any problems. There are those with symptoms that did not get the vaccine.

  • Seems Somewhat Sketchy

    I have a problem believing that Gulf War Syndrome is caused by the anthrax vaccine. Apparently the military still uses the anthrax vaccine and there are many military members that do not have Gulf War Syndrome, so if it is the cause, why did it not affect more members? I think Gulf War Syndrome is used as a band-aid diagnosis, it needs more research and it needs to be more clearly defined before we decide what causes it.

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