Do you agree with the US decision to resume direct mail service to Cuba?

  • Yes, it represents good progress

    The fact that the embargo and blockade of Cuba went on for as long as it did is a cause of embarrassment for the political system. It was petty and should never have been established in the first place, never mind allowed to run for 40-50 years or however long it has been.

    This allows Cuba to progress and move forward as a country, which is a right they are entitled to.

  • Yes, I agree with the United States' decision to resume direct mail service to Cuba.

    Yes, I agree with the United States' decision to resume direct mail service to Cuba because Cuba is attempting to come out of seclusion and improve relations with the United States. Although Cuba is governed by a dictatorship, I believe that over time improved relations with other countries will help to change the country's government system. Cuba is very close in proximity with the United States and it's important to have a good relationship with our neighbors.

  • Yes, direct mail service to Cuba allows friends and family another form of connection.

    The United States and Cuba are slowly warming to each other again. The US decision to resume direct mail service to Cuba is another step in the countries working on diplomatic relationships. Direct mail service to Cuba was a highly regulated and complicated process that made it difficult for those in the US to send items to friends or family members in Cuba. I am sure that this will assist the US Postal Service in expanding its operations and therefore, hopefully their income as well. We have done away with the third parties of Canada and Mexico processing mail to get it to Cuba. This should improve not only the diplomatic relations between the countries, but I also see it improving the morale of those that have loved ones in the countries.

  • Yes, I support the US decision.

    Honestly, there needs to be a stop of this embargo. It's gone on long enough and there's no reason for it. It's time to open the borders and make it possible to travel, mail, and call there. It's hurting both sides, we could open up Cuba to more tourism and improve their economy.

  • Isolation hasn't worked

    People in the United States should be able to write to people in Cuba and tell them how much better things are in freedom. We've tried economic and social isolation and it hasn't worked. We need to open Cuba up to the United States, just like we did to the USSR. It will bring freedom and prosperity.

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