Do you agree with the Vulcan proverb "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?"

Asked by: theta_pinch
  • It is counterproductive and degenerative to our society.

    While many Americans have been taught otherwise, the needs of the many outweigh those of the few. If we always gave the needs of the few precedence over the needs of the many, we would be neglecting our main workforce and our society would deteriorate and crumble. This being said, we should still take care of the minority, but they should not be more important simply because they are the "minority". We should always take care of as many people as possible because our society requires it to progress and develop.

  • Society couldn't get anywhere without it.

    As humans in society, sometimes we can't please everyone. Sometimes priorities need to be made, and tough decisions thought on. An example of this being demonstrated is when a general has to plan a military action. He knows that most likely, he will lose troops. But he must make a good decision for what is best for the majority of his men, not for just a few of them. A president needs to pass or veto laws that benefit the greatest portion of his citizens. I am not saying that minorities should be neglected, but it's true. The happiness of five people just isn't as important as the happiness of 500 people. A good soldier lays down his life in order to save more of his comrades, or to defend many people at home. Because he knows that his life isn't as valuable as the multiple lives around him.

  • No I don't

    We cannot achieve the common good by neglecting the interests or rights of the minority. Sentinel Prime used the same proverb in Transformers: Dark of the Moon; he was fully prepared to rebuild Cybertron at the expense of Earth and its inhabitants, and that's not moral. His goal to revitalize his home planet was praiseworthy, but he just went too far in his means.

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