Do you agree with the way we teach our children today?

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  • No, it is too assembly line.

    No, I do not agree with the way we teach our children today, because it is too linear. A student who is very advanced is stuck with his or her age peers. This is not best for the child's education, and it stunts their interest in school. A student who is not cut out for a certain subject cannot devote their efforts to another subject where they have a talent.

  • Too much work.

    I find the way that the schools teach children is that they're pushing kids to do more work than what they're capable of. I think that every kid in school should be aloud to be on the computer and be able to look at and do something that is at least educational. I think I learn more things from the internet than from school. I can go and learn math easier from just looking up questions, and practicing at a rate which I find easier and better for me. It's all personal preference.

    Posted by: Xen
  • I don't agree with the way we teach our kids because

    We tend to just give our kids away to any old school and don't care, but when they have been in that school for five years and their in 5th grade we find out their in a 3rd grade math/reading/work level!!! Just because of the way the teachers teach or that the teachers let the kid roam around the class and not do any work!!

  • No they aren´t

    To teach children now is hard, but by using games will make it easier for them. Especially with the technology that we have now in days, the Ipad will be helpful for everyone not just children. Teachers are hardly paying attention. Sometimes children in primary school can have a such disorder and will need more attention.

  • Not at all

    If you're talking about world wide education and teaching america barley enough, I mean go look at Asian countries not to be racist or anything(I have no idea how that's racist). They're like ranked in like single digits around (1-9) or something in education,the United States ranked 26th in math — trailing nations such as the Slovakia, Portugal and Russia. American high school students dropped to 21st in science (from 17th in 2009) and slipped to 17th in reading (from 14th in 2009), according to results. So something went wrong with the way we're teaching our children(coming from a teenager)

  • The schooling of our children is not adequit

    The way that the children of the united states of america are being schooled is not adequit. It focuses more on just passing the end of year tests and less on actually learning usefull skills. The schooling only teaches one way of solving a problem which is limiting the chileds creativity

  • Money Obtaining System!!

    Because the teaching system in most of the places has become just a source of earning money. Teaching has become a major source of obtaining money. In todays world, people want to get higher degrees for better jobs. Knowledge has no meaning left. Rich people easily give donation and get their children admitted in top colleges. The knowledge has no meaning left, People with higher degree get better job and people with more knowledge and smaller degree get the lowest jobs!! Is this what is left to happen. Education system now has become money system. Which is not acceptable. Higher college degrees are given more importance than higher knowledge. We can't imagine the state of this world after a few years with knowledge less people all around not giving a part in development of the world. I hope something is done about this corrupt education system and soon before everything goes wrong.

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majicwalrus says2013-12-05T19:09:07.007
This is a really poorly formed question. I don't know who is asking it so I don't know who "we" is. I don't think we all teach all children the same way so I need more description.