Do you agree with this quote: "It is better to deserve without receiving, than to receive without deserving"?

  • Deserving without recieving is best

    The way i see it , if a kid got a good grade by cheating he won't feel good about himself . But if he recieves a bad grade after slaving over books and studying to te bone , well at least he knows he tried and his conscious is at peace and he should try again to get a better grade next time . However deserving without recieving can result in the person giving on hard work or good moral behavior because they think it gets them nowhere so one should deserve and recieve and if he does not recieve should demand his rights , but even that demand falls into the circumstances , if he works hard and doesn't get paid enough he should demand a raise , but if the girl he would die won't love him back than he can't really demand anything because he can't force her to love him . But surely deserving and not recieving is better than recieving without deserving , so long as the deserving person can control their emotions and keep a straight path . Recieving without deserving can be by means of robbery , rape or cheating so it is defently not the right way to go .

  • Deserving without receiving is Better

    The former is better than the latter because, hypothetically thinking, if you deserve something you are capable of doing or accomplishing something, You might not receieve something this time, but you have a skill or potential.

    Whereas receiving without deserving would just give you something temporary ... And you do not actually possess an ability or a deserving skill...

    Somewhat relating this to the quote i misquote, Give a man a fish and he will eat and ask for more, teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry / ask beg again

  • Yes: It Is Better To Deserve Without Receiving

    The question cannot be answered without exception, however, if we say better, then it is perhaps better that a person is of high moral character, than not. To be continually denied reward for moral behavior, however, implies a defunct society, and so this question must be examined through the degree to which such a denial occurs. In such a case, it is still better for the individual on a moral level, but worse for the society as a whole, which is corrupt and cannot recognize good deeds.

  • Don't be a mooch.

    Yes, I agree that it is better to deserve without receiving than to receive without deserving, because to receive without deserving results in some bad kharma that will eventually come pay the person back in the end. A person should keep their balance in life by giving more than they take.

  • No, I don't agree with that quote.

    I do not agree with the quote "It is better to deserve without receiving, than to receive without deserving". I think that people should not put up with always being disrespected or short changed for their accomplishments and hard work. I think that people shouldn't also feel ashamed for winning a prize sometimes.

  • No I Don't

    I do not agree with the quote. I do not believe it is a good thing to deserve without receiving. This is a problem and it is rampant in the United States. The other position, "receive without deserving," is equally bad because again, it mirrors the problems in the US. Two bad positions doesn't make a good quote.

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