• Yes, you were right.

    Yes, I agree with this short story that you wrote, because it is obviously the best story ever written. Your plot and characters were unparalleled, and you used wit and a sense of timing to portray your message to the listener. You have clearly missed your calling as a world-famous author with a mass following.

  • Read the story and then answer if you agree or not

    Two men are sitting in a room, one is combing is hair.

    John is fiercely combing his hair. He has nice long hair, but some strands are "unruly". As he combs, these "unruly" hairs come out.

    Bob: John, why do you do that? Doesn't it hurt?

    John: No, it doesn't hurt. Besides, if I do this, the unruly weak hairs are gone, and all that is left is the good hair.

    Bob thinks for a minute, pondering society.

    Bob: So John, who are we? The comb or the hair?

    John looks over at his friend slowly, a smile creeping on his lips.

    John: Well, neither Bob.

    Bob is puzzled.

    Bob: How so?

    John pauses for a moment.

    John: It is simple. We are not the comb or the hair. We are the hand.

  • No. Nope. Nu-uh.

    Your story is bad and you should feel bad.
    "Unruly" hair is not destroyed or gotten rid of by combing it out. That's not how hair works. You don't just comb the "bad" ones out and suddenly your entire head is "good" hair. That makes about as much sense as the old wive's tale that claims shaving your chest makes it come back fuller and darker. It's inane.

    Moving on though, how can we agree with the story if we don't even know who those people are? There is nothing to make us assume they are some sort of assassins or murderers killing the weak people in society (assuming that's what you meant), but probably just two jabronis sitting around eating their fat asses to death. So we can't agree to it on that front.

    Lastly, what makes you believe killing "unruly" individuals will actually accomplish anything? What part of the long history of our species led you to believe rebellions are always effectively silenced by killing people? Rebellions are symptoms of a deeper problem, and unrest always wins in the end if things aren't fixed. The "unruly" people in society win out, yet that doesn't translate at all in any coherent way to hair.

    So in about a half dozen ways, nobody could rationally agree with this story.

  • The story doesnt have a clear conclusion

    And it doesnt make any damn sense either. If you want to get your point across better, whatever that point is, make it nice and clear. Dont leave it up to the audience to interpret what youre getting at because they'' either completely miss it, disagree with it because they think youre implying something different, or not give two sh**s about it in the first place

  • It is simply atrocious.

    Why anyone might agree with a story advocating - if not ethnic cleansing, then something remarkably similiar to it - is beyond me. And Proletariat is right - the hair doesn't just come out that way. That's not how it works. Just like killing the 'unruly' citizens in a society does not work, both on that literal level and on an ethical/moral one. It does not matter what tools (the comb, the razor, the gel, etc) the hand uses - a society that resorts to destroying imperfections may as well destroy itself.

  • Just No .

    It feels like you are trying to write a deep psychological story but are failing terribly at it. Give the story some background and make connections. What does the hair represent? What does the hand represent? Until you do this no one will understand your story and will ignore it just like me.

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