Do you agree with this: When students cheat on tests, it's because the school system values grades more than the students value learning?

Asked by: Apruett
  • Disrespecting our youth

    Students cheat because schools value grades more than they value their students. Faculty and parents treat students like machines built to operate the way they are told. Individuality is more important than an ACT score. We need to stop labeling people by a number. We are people, not statistics. Why don't schools focus on teaching our youth the important lessons of life, instead of how to find the cosine of a circle.

  • Absolutely, I agree.

    Having been in both public and private school it is blatantly apparent that schools and colleges value your GPA and grades far more than the actual knowledge you've attained. Job-wise this is different, but keeping on the relevancy of the topic, schools and teachers alike impose the idealogy of cheating and certainly present the means to do so. There is no moral question involved.

  • This is True

    I feel that students would not cheat, if their grades did on reflect on the students value of learning. If the students didn't have the stress of having bad grades, there would be no cheating. Of course though, if they studied for the test, they should cheat, but the only reason they cheat is because, students want to have good grades.

  • Yes i agree

    Agree because if students get good marks the school thinks they are learning the material. The students dont care really about learning the subject they just want the good marks. No one really makes sure the student knows the information because it's so easy to cheat in these times. This concludes my supporting argument.

  • True! And the school also value money than the students education too.

    Our Education system is not truly concern about intellects. School give grades which does not determine how much knowledge was obtain but rather the effort put in school. This is the perfect way to lie to students and get them on the road to failure!This is the sad truth. Moses S.

  • We wouldn't need to cheat if we are given meaningful class time.

    Well over half of what we're given is busy work and has no real value than to spend anywhere fr a half hour to 2 hours looking through a book or Internet to fill in blanks on a worksheet. If we were taught and were engaged in what we were learning, there'd be no reason for busy work because no one gets anything from it. It only makes us less interested and frustrated because this is not what we were put into school for.

  • Being a student, I agree

    I myself have low test scores because I don't want to be force fed information in order to achieve some sort of target.
    I'd rather schools concentrate on emphasising the value of education.

    We are after all children; when we are forced to do something (like learn) we will just hate it and not do it. But if we saw the true beauty in learning and how it benefits us, not just physically but emotionally and psychologically perhaps we will be more inclined to ACTUALLY LEARN.

  • You irritate me

    It's none of the teacher's concern if one of his/her students fail. Students who fail are just another statistic, a number to be recorded. To students, their grades are more important than their personal growth. It's all because the system requires that students be able to "Memorize" dozens of things without actually understanding them and be able to write them at that one moment in their entire life when they're taking the "EXAM" which they will never be able to repeat ever again.

  • I strongly agree.

    With the current education system, especially in my country, it doesn't matter what the student learns. What matters is what the student memorizes. It does not matter if you truly understand the subject you're taking. What matters is what a student does during a quiz/exam and that's it. After quizzes and exams, it's just that. A student just becomes a statistic without any individuality.

    It doesn't matter what the disposition of the student is. All that matters is "Can you memorize this material?" if you can then you're considered "Intelligent" and if you can't then you're considered "Stupid" or "Garbage" of the whole class.

    Individuality is lost and no concern is given to the "garbage" who can't memorize the material and get a good grade.

    Regardless, whether you're a cheater or not, if you get a good grade then you're intelligent. Even teachers say "It's okay to cheat! Just don't get caught!" because even teachers admit to themselves that all that matters in the current system is "Grades" and not "Learning".
    With the current system, you're considered a failure as a student if you're honest about everything.

    Many students see this simple fact of life that regardless of cheating or not, regardless of having learned anything or none at all, is that the easiest way to get a job is to have good grades. Because the most important thing anyway is that you graduate with good grades and if possible, graduate with Latin honors. "Summa Cumlaude!" "Magna Cumlaude!" ...

    It's none of the teacher's concern if one of his/her students fail. Students who fail are just another statistic, a number to be recorded. To students, their grades are more important than their personal growth. It's all because the system requires that students be able to "Memorize" dozens of things without actually understanding them and be able to write them at that one moment in their entire life when they're taking the "EXAM" which they will never be able to repeat ever again.

    The saying "Cheaters never win" is a lie when it comes to our education system.

  • Ok, yeah I'd agree.

    I think a lot of the opposition is missing the point: the grades are motivating the student to cheat. An opponent mentioned "it's because they don't want to fail" - well that's a stress on grades.

    I would agree that so-called "test-taking" and/or "quizzes" should be enjoyable - they're supposed to test the knowledge of the individual.

    First: the motive. Why would someone cheat? Some pointed out that they were lazy, they don't care, or they don't want to fail. The first - they're lazy points out the education system doesn't value learning, but grades. If there was an intrinsic desire to "learn" they wouldn't be lazy. Grades don't motivate kids nowadays; you can get by with a C, not an A. The second - they don't care, points out once again there is not motivation to learn. Rather, they just want to the good grade and will take whatever means necessary. The third - they don't want to fail, reiterates the same idea.

    If the system valued "learning" then people wouldn't cheat. The only reason someone cheats is because they don't know something. In the current system "rote memorization" is used to imprint information into a student's brain. That's not learning, that's memorization. If you don't know the facts on a test, then you don't know the facts. If you "learned" there would be an emphasis on the desire and the want for that learning as well as the want to study instead of just going for a passing grade.

  • Not the only reason

    I do agree that the school system puts too much emphasis on grades, but that is not the only reason students cheat on tests. Studetns often don't want to feel like the dumb kid in class and don't want to achieve bad marks which would reflect on them personally. Also, kids are just lazy.

  • No students make a choice to cheat

    When students cheat they make a conscious decision to steal someone else's work, and this cannot be blamed on the school system. Because prior to writing the test if they really studied they would be aware of the of the things they don't know and they and they could ask their teacher or fellow students to explain to them that which they don't understand. Students cheat because they don't value learning they don't study enough.

  • Sometimes, but not always

    Many kids enjoy doing the wrong thing just because of the sheer thrill of trying to get away with it. It is a challenge for them, they like to test the boundaries and see how far they can push them.

    Also schools don't allow kids to develop the right positive attitude about learning. Taking tests should be fun. Like how kids love taking Internet quizzes. If teachers had a more positive attitude, kids would enjoy it more.

  • No, I don't think

    I think when we want to do something, we have higher chance of earning. So to answering your question. If kids don't want to study, they will not. Or even if they force themselves to, they are not really gonna acquire anything in particular. It's psychology. If that makes sense.

    So to speak, when kids try to cheat on the test, it's not because they want good grades because their school values more on grades. But because they don't want to fail on the test.

    If they really want to be success in school or having good grades, they would have probably study the subject and do the exam without any problems.

    In conclusion, they cheat not because they want to have good grades. They just too lazy to study and still don't want to fail.

  • Teachers Value Their Jobs!

    There is a disconnect between this question and the ability to form the full thought. It will never be more important to a teacher to show good grades from their students, than to teach the student in the first place. Why? Because a real teacher has a genuine passion for spreading knowledge to others. It is a core ego driven effect. The idea of a wise old man did not rise from a young student, but from the old wise man. Or the old man that perceived himself, or elders as having a knowledge based value, greater than the youth that seeks it. With that said, it is the institution and its practices, or the effect of outside legislation, special interests groups, and politics on the institution that has caused this shift in the paradigm. Of course, there are many students that only "Fulfill" the needed requirements in order to obtain the documents that allow them to excel in a specific field. While others find the integration of knowledge and life to be a symbiotic obligatory function of a full life. As information has become more abundant, it has also become a commodity. This in part has created a gap between that which we know should be(The free flow of information) and that which we know should not be (The compartmentalization of it between the haves and the have not).
    So, we get the effect which brought forth the original question. Teaching students to simply follow instructions so that they will be good robots allows the corporate mentality to flourish. Leaving the "Typical" student looking more like a good Arbys Manager and less like an informed and enlightened adult.
    The bottom line. The effect is, the more you behave in a dishonest and self propelling fashion, the more likely it is you will fit within the present day system. If cheating directs you towards your goal, then the act of cheating is as important to the student, as the final grade is to the teacher. In other words, the act of allowing grades to matter more, than the Noble act of teaching in its pure form, is no less a cheat, then the cheating student. Monkey see.....Monkey do. Thank You.

  • This is correct

    Kids today wouldn't be so stressed out if there was not any grades being thrown at them. It only matters if the kid knows the info or not. So it's not about the grade it's about their knowladge and if they know any thing being thrown at the or not.

  • Society not the system

    Parents and teachers alike tend to rub it in a student's face that the only reflection of learning is acquiring high grades. The system is flawed because of people's subjective beliefs about grades. Low grades doesn't mean you're failing as an individual but that's what society would say. People celebrate those who excel and discriminate those who fail but that is not what the system is trying to proclaim. The system presents us numbers/letters that determines how quickly we learn; society links these values to how more effective we are and our definitive ranking in their hierarchy.

  • Grades are a means of checking learning.

    Student's cheat because they just want the grade, and they are not motivated to learn the material. We say they are lazy because they didn't want to push themselves through the "unpleasantness" or learning because sometimes, learning something difficult is hard. And guess what? Other aspects of live are hard, and going through a hard thing (like school) helps you get through other hard things (like life).

  • Students and parents value the grades more than the learning

    Students and parents are more interested in a high GPA, and getting into a good college than they are in actual learning. Students do not actually study much today; they play sports and are invovled in many activities. Parents think this is the key and that school should not be so challenging. If students would read and study a bit, they would build skills that carry across the classes and those skills would help them to become better learners.

  • Emphasis on test score and students' learning process are invalid comparison

    Test scores are not the only absolute standard to evaluate students’ learning, as a result of which the two objects cannot be compared- then the statements is incorrect. Because the fact that students are cheating is not directly caused by the fact that schools use test scoring evaluation system but their laziness and dishonest attitude of obtaining recognition and appreciation from others.

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