• I do not like war. I prefer peace and diplomacy. But I do agree with going to war when the situation occurs.

    Despite how horrible war is, there are situations that call for it. Because if it wasn't for war there would be no way to stop evilness when it arrives. A situations where war was necessary was during world war 2 to stop Hitler, keep in mind there were negotiations before world war 2. Chamberlain believed that there was no need for further wars and believed all wars could be stopped with negotiations. His beliefs led him to weaken Britain's army before world war 2 and to appease Hitler. In the end this belief system cause the holocaust and the second world war. The worse case situation would had happened if the belief system was continued and there was no war. Instead of a war you would have Hitler taking over the world, killing every minority, killing all jews, and many other groups.

    Present day you have ISIS, a group that beheads people, crucifies people, burns people alive, shoots people into mass graves, tortures people, sells human organs, destroys historical monuments, punishes people for their religious beliefs, kidnaps people for ransom, and a host of other horrible things. I would support any nation going to go to war with ISIS in order to stop the terrors occurring there.

  • I am not a respectful man.

    Look, I benefit from war all the time. My country gets strong when it defeats other countries in battle. My country's army tradition is through the roof. Other countries cannot hope to compete with mine, as our soldiers' morale is way higher than anyone else's. Our military tactics are superior to any other country. Soldiers are the pride of my country. I hope you realize that your countries are pathetic, losers, and your politicians so weak they don't want to declare war on ME!

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  • Even though we could be Diplomatic war too is necessary.

    War only happens when no other alternative is left (normally) and if some of the wars didn't happen then the world wouldn't be like this. Keeping the butterfly effect in mind we wouldn't be here if most of these wars didn't happen. Plus it doesn't matter if we go to war or not human race will be extinct sooner or later

  • It will be the thing that destroys us in the end.

    Stephen Hawking released an opinion, that human aggression is the final killer of humanity. If we could get the U.N. to cooperate and resolve our differences there may be a chance. War is going to kill us all, just because we are petty. Countries are petty barriers of new cultural experiences! The only thing in the way of eternal universal peace is religion and greed and corruption. The only thing that can save us is to be open-minded. And to provideoman123, you might want to watch the music video while listening to Rage Against the Machine Testify!

  • Why should innocent men be involved?

    Men from both sides would be forced to fight, for what? NOTHING Just because two men cant have a civilized conversation about something, they think its necessary to bring in men, taking them away from their families, loved ones and homes. Just so that they can live in horrible conditions and fight for something they either do not even know about or do not agree with. I say the two men who started this should have either a 1 vs 1 OR negotiate.

  • No war at all

    NO WAR NEEDS TO BE MADE (unless it is because some other people form other places try to kill us) BUT IN OTHER WORDS NO WAR NEEDS TO BE MADE! WHAT SO EVER! So can't we all just get along and have freedom and happiness forever? Please? Thank you so much.

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