Do you agree with what are president is doing for our country?

  • I agree with what our President is doing in most cases.

    Obviously I don't agree with everything just like how democrats didn't like everything Obama did. Now I do agree with a lot he does. I will start with his foreign policy in Europe. Now for NATO countries who can clearly pay the obligation of 2% GDP to defense are treated well be Trump like Poland, Greece, UK and the Baltic countries. The ones who refuse to like Germany, France, Spain, And Ireland who are targeted by and usually harassed by him. I also agree on his trade war with china because unlike past presidents who just let the red monster gain power with little resistance he knows china will surpass the USA if we do nothing. By crushing China economy he can stunt their influence on the world. With his domestic polices I agree with his stance on migration. When you have hundreds of thousands of third world people who don't have proper education and is more then likely to be on handouts by about 62% then the Native 30% is not sustainable. Legal migrants are more then welcome because they work way harder then illegals. He has also made it easyer for companies to grow, Return, Or be started in the USA like mining, Automotive, And many trade jobs. People claim he is racist I can prove he isn't. If he hated Jews he wouldn't recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. If he hated Latinos he would not focus on deporting illegals, But all of them. If he hated black people he wouldn't bring back jobs in majority black regions of the USA which the majority workforce would be black. That is why I agree with Trump

  • Hail Donald HE IS GREAT

    Because he is the supreme leader and we should all support his ever decision as he has been sent by god to lead us to a new bright future which Obama nearly ruined.
    Donald is love Donald is life we should all be happy to live is his great presence!

  • Obviously I do not agree with Trump on everything, But I agree with a lot.

    First off no president is perfect besides Theodore Roosevelt, But Trump isn't the worse president I believe for example Woodrow Wilson was worse. He has brought Industry jobs back which are in African American majority areas like Detroit. North Korea got missiles because of Democrat presidents letting them like Bill Clinton so saying Donald Trump is horrible for not disarming NK is shooting yourselves in the foot. Also our NATO "allies" not paying the required 2% GDP when they clearly can examples are but not limited to Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, And Spain while countries with worse off econemys like Poland and Estonia pay their fair share. So saying that those countries didn't do anything to the US when we are helping them pay for their difference when they are clearly capable of doing is rediclous. Also The border wall is not a bad idea. First it is a proven fact that large border walls or fences extremely decrease illegal migration for example Israel, Uzbekistan, And Hungary. In Hungary's case illegal migration decreased between 95-99%. The argument that illegal migrants will just take a flight and over stay their visa doesn't hold up when you realize that its mostly Asians and also Europeans which is still a problem, But not as bad as the southern border. Lastly illegal migrants are anywhere between 31- 52% more likely to be a on constant welfare.

  • Torship Wrump like you korship Wim Uong J'n

    Just like Jim Kong Un, Tronald Dump got his Harvard degree since he was in Melania's womb. He borrowed a loall sman of mne oillion dollars from dis had and tade mhe world a petter blace and he also aade mmerica areat ggain. There is no weason rhy not to turship Wrump

  • No I do not agree

    At the end of the day, The only life Trump values is his own. He may say what he says and does what he does because he thinks it will make himself look good. But he only cares about benefitting himself. The only thing Trump is doing for our country is making us a laughing stock.

  • Trump has done many horrible things to ruin people's lives

    He has passed a immigration law that stopped people from living a good life. While it may seem illegal to come to a country without legal documents, Can't someome save a starving family? Show a little bit of compassion? Along with that, He is racist and he isn't tolerant of the LGBTQ+ community, He said that transgender men aren't real men, Etc. These reasons show just how hateful people can be. "Make america great again! " More like "make america shit again! "

  • He's not great, But is it his fault?

    Let me just start off by saying that he is our president. I will have empathy and respect all of the decisions that he makes and hope that they are for the good of our country. I will not, However, Say that I agree with what he is doing for our country. He has consistently shown his disdain of minorities, Of women, And of immigrants. How does our country expect to overcome hate and discrimination if one of the largest leaders in our nation (arguably THE leader) continues to show discrimination and hate towards the people of our nation? While none of us are perfect, We the people cannot continue to elect the people who show the least interest in creating change. Not allowing for our country to bring in the people who are willing to create change, Willing to work, And willing to create their own happiness in our nation is not change. Does everyone forget that we are to offer the citizens of America, "Life, Liberty, And the Pursuit of Happiness"? Last I checked, "happiness" cannot be defined as a single attribute. Everyone's happiness is different. One thing, However, Remains constant, This place. There is a reason people seek refuge here. This place, It is a gold mine. It is a land of opportunity. A land of democracy and we forget that all too often. What I am saying is, The dilemma isn't so much in the president but in the people. We need to take more consideration into who we elect and think about who will create change. We must also remember that change is not discrimination; change is not hatred.

  • He is destroying its most cherished institutions

    He is an authoritarian, Who is shredding the constitution, His justification was that he was strengthening the economy, And making us safe. . Well the North Koreans still have missiles he has started a trade war with china that will tank the economy more than likely, And also risking a hot war with china, Whatever good he has done, He has threatened the security the prosperity and the liberty of our nation

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