Do you agree with Wisconsin's city clerk who feels that early-voting sites on campuses would give Democrats an unfair advantage?

  • Youth equals democrats and that could turn the tide

    Young people tend to be more left wing, and they also are vocal about how they vote. Voters on the fence, presented with an overwhelming cry from the democrats just ahead of when they vote, could possibly be swayed to vote for what they perceive to be the 'winning side.'

  • Disagree, why would this matter?

    Why would this give democrats an unfair advantage? Republicans are just as likely to vote early as Democrats are. Is this based on the assumption that most college students are democrats? There are quite a few young republicans out there, and I am sure they would go vote early just as much as anyone else would.

  • Campuses tend to be central locations.

    Campuses tend to be central locations on reliable transportation routes and so they are a logical place to install early-voting sites. While it is true that more students do vote Democrat than Republican, they are only a small section of the electorate who will be able to access these sites.

  • No, I do not.

    That makes no sense. It does not give Democrats an unfair advantage. Even if it is true that more people on college campuses are Democrats, the location of the early voting sites would not give Democrats an unfair advantage, it would allow more college students to vote because they often don't have cars.

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