Do you agree you have to earn the right to live?

Asked by: CoolDudeBroMeat
  • Yes we do need

    We can't go around doing nothing being lazy all day, we need determination and we have to bring up kids up on that from a young age to properly implement it in to their mind so they cannot change.

    Once hippies realise that we need to get a job, grow up and have kids- the better.

  • Depends on how you interpret it

    If you interpret 'earning' as working, then no, you shouldn't have to work to be entitled the right to live.
    However, if you take 'earning' as respecting other people's rights, then yes, you need to do that. With our rights, we have our duties to respect other's rights.
    Take this as an example. If a person commits murder, they should not have the right to live as they failed to let others live. However, if someone is just lazy and won't do any labour, they will still have the right to life although they might not have the money to buy necessities.

  • This is some messed up saw crap

    What does this even mean what immediately come to mind is being locked in an old rust bathroom with a recorder telling me to cut my own leg off to prove that I am grateful for life... Or is this just me. I BELIVE you have to earn the life you want to life. But you don't have to earn your right to live that's messed up.

  • The point of view is important.

    By 'earning the right to live' I assume we are talking about getting a job and making mummy proud. When you look beyond these standards of society, you can see that there are very few if not zero people on Earth that don't have a goal and ambitions in life. Just because someone is broke with no job and family at some point of his life doesn't mean he has less rights to live equally with the 'successful' people.

    Hippies may be silly and smelly, but they do have a solid point. We are all born equal and it is only society that elevates or degrades certain individuals. Before we teach kids all the sciences and moral of work, we first have to show them what it is to be human. Once they have intellectual and moral freedom, they might even surpass the brainwashed sheep that is a mirror of society's standards.

  • In today's world that is just cruel

    Should we have to earn the right to live well? Yes. But the idea that a person should have to die if they can not pay to sustain their life in today's world where we have the resources to prevent this is cruel. To provide enough so that a person can be alive is feasible so we should.

    The vast vast majority of people don't want to just be alive they want to live well so they will not be content to just have the bare essentials paid for and not have anything else, so there's still plenty of incentive and a much stronger more motivating one of working for a better life than the dull and sad one of working so as to stay alive. Although sometimes governments go far beyond that, and while I see that as justified for the disabled for nondisabled people welfare should be limited to a card that can only be spent on approved items.

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LogicalLunatic says2014-10-06T12:10:06.883
No. That is, everyone has the right to a chance to live.