Do YOU Answer Questions without visibly being able to view WHO Authored the Question?

Asked by: Emmarie
  • Well, it varies.

    Honestly, I'm quite glad for you reason to put this up Emmarie, but you must take other things into consideration. Online, people go to do things: playing video games, watching videos, checking out the new upcoming stuff, furniture, etc. The thing is, everyone does it. It doesn't matter whether or not your a 80-year-old man or 20-years-old. At some point, you had to pay bills, at some point, you answered a online sample asking a question, at some point, you ordered stuff online. So whether or not you want to, society requires you to do so. It's just an common occurrence that nobody notices because it's so common.

  • Beware of questions where the author isn't posted.

    Today around 50 questions were posted in the past few hours, that provided links to news stories outside of DDO. There is no author listed to link to any profile on many new questions. I noticed that these mystery authored questions received more replies than most questions do. I don't answer questions that I cannot link to an account. I posted this question hoping to make others aware so that they can choose to be cautious.

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