• Yes I do

    Yes, he doesn't believe in the war and fighting all the time. He is a promoter of peace and unity in the world. Wars should not happen unless we are pushed beyond our own limits to where nothing is working at all. We should have peace talks each time for as long as it takes.

  • He didn't care.

    No, I not approve of Bill Clinton's opinion on war and military, because he looked the other way while terrorism grew around the world. Clinton had the chance to take out bin Laden long before he ever perpetrated the attacks of 9/11. Clinton chose not to do that because it was controversial.

  • No, Bill Clinton's antiwar stance is hypocritical.

    Bill Clinton claims to have opposed the war in Iraq from the start, and his opposition to the Vietnam War is well documented. However, it is hard to take his anti-war stance seriously when he also bombed the nation of Iraq in an effort to degrade Saddam Hussein's ability to produce weapons of mass destruction. Operation Desert Fox also coincided with President Clinton's impeachment scandal at home, leading some to believe that his anti-war stance was much less important to him than his desire to distract voters from problems at home.

  • Clinton's "Don't ask don't tell" was a disaster

    To ask that a person consciously conceal a major part of who they are and then live in mortal fear of being exposed of having that orientation all while serving our country is cruel and absurd. The military should be open to all that are dedicated to serve our country and have a desire to protect our constitution. President Clinton's lack of commitment to all soldiers should have been the same, not segregated by sexual orientation.

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