• I am one, kind of.

    As A partial one, yes. I like the idea of not hurting anything, under any circumstance. I don't go as far as to wear masks and stuff, but if someone asks me to kill a bug or something, I refuse. I think that it's just awesome, and the most kind religion in the world. After all, we didn't start any wars. I just agree with the creed, not the reincarnation that others believe.

  • Though not for me

    Jainists go out of their way to hurt or kill no living creature - even down to wearing face masks and pushing brooms in front of themselves in order to not kill even the smallest insect. Jainism seems like a beautiful ideology, but its not really for me personally right now.

  • Yes, it is fine in its context.

    The Jain belief system is about respecting life to the utmost extent, to the point of not killing any animal or any little insect or other creature we might find annoying. It is a lovely expression of life and goodness, a bit extreme for our world but fine in its own context.

  • Sure I Approve

    I do approve of Jainism customs and practices. Being a person that generally follows Buddhist practices I find Jainism to be a beneficial religion to its adherents. It presents a lot of helpful information and moral values to a society that lean towards a healthier common humanity on all fronts.

  • Non-Violence is a Good Path

    Jainism believes in non-violence towards all beings. As such, followers of the Indian religion are vegetarians. Jains also support the idea that all living things are equal. I do agree that non-violence and vegetarianism are good things for the world. However, I have a problem with equating the life of a bug with that of a human. I do have one other problem--the symbol of Jainism includes the swastika. Even though I know Hitler borrowed that symbol from the Indian religion, I can't see those followers maintaining that tradition knowing their symbol was used to kill tens of millions of people.

  • I am a science major

    No, I do not approve of the customs and practices of this religion, simply because I am a biology science major an believe in the facts that have been proved about evolution. I do not think bad about how they practice however, because it is up to them what they believe in.

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